Recap – best 10 Topps cards of the 1990’s

13 10 2016

Here’s my full list of those top 10 cards from Topps sets in the 1980’s.  Tomorrow I’ll do a recap of all the other stuff I did from t he perspective of completing the decade, but this first one is to show all of my top 10 cards in one post.  Here they are in order, from Honorable Mention to #1, with no words, just pictures!

1990 Topps Nolan Ryan

1998 Topps Jose Guillen

1993 Topps 2nd best card Puckett

1991 Topps best action Fisk

1991 Topps best pose Clemens

1992 Topps Griffey

1992 Topps Ripken

1996 Topps 297 Marquis Grissom best card

1991 Topps best card Boggs

1993 Topps best card Bonilla

1990 Topps F Thomas DP RC

1994 Topps George Brett best card

For whatever it’s worth, none of these cards made the Topps 60 list that was voted on as part of the Topps 60th anniversary.  That’s OK.  My criteria were quite a bit different.  Also, there were only 2 cards from the 1990’s on that list – Derek Jeter (1993) and Manny Ramirez (1992).




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