The best Topps card of the 1990’s

11 10 2016

Here’s the best card in my countdown of the top cards in the 90’s decade.  This is my opinion on the best card from the 90’s.  Not just the best photo, the best card design, the best player or the most notable card.  Really, I consider all of those factors and make a personal list, made up of the cards I think are the best.

1) 1994 Topps #180 – George Brett

1994 Topps George Brett best card

  • It’s George Brett, who is a great player and a guy that’s generally liked throughout the baseball world.
  • This is Brett’s final card.  That makes it more special and notable, and plays a huge factor for me thinking of this as the best card.
  • It’s a great mid-game photo.  Brett is about to ground out to 2nd base.  I didn’t notice this until I looked at this card more closely, but you can see the ball coming off his bat.
  • The background – that’s what puts it over the top.  You can see the waterfall and the field of play, the batter’s eye and most of the scoreboard.
  • 1994 is a Topps design I enjoyed.  The home plate feature is very cool – and it goes great with this particular photo where the Kauffman Stadium scoreboard seems to parallel the design feature.





2 responses

11 10 2016
Brett Alan

Interesting choice. I’m a huge George Brett fan (no surprise), but for me the card of the decade could never be one where you can’t see the player’s face. I’m just an old fuddy-duddy that way. B>)

12 10 2016

I get what you mean, but I just love that card.

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