My favorite posed shots from Topps in the 1990’s

29 09 2016

1993 Topps 2nd best card Puckett

Next on my posts for completing the decade is another top 5 list based on photos from the decade.  The last post was action shots, the next one is the best posed shot.  Like that list, this listing also goes completely based on the photo itself – not necessarily the player.  Of course these are just my favorites – so let me know if you’ve got some others you’d include!

Honorable Mention (in no particular order, though the Brian Jordan and the Puckett were the ones I really thought about):

1998 Topps Brian Jordan

1990 Topps Keith Hernandez, 1991 Topps Roger Clemens, 1993 Topps Kirby Puckett, 1995 Topps Eduardo Perez, 1998 Topps Brian Jordan, 1998 Topps Jose Guillen

Here’s the award winners.

5) 1999 Topps #52 – Todd Helton

1999 Topps Helton

It’s unusual for Topps to capture these types of moments from a different part of the 162 game season.  Rain delays! That looks like Riverfront Stadium in the background – I think this was a game from May 24, 1998 when the Reds beat the Rockies in a rain-shortened game that went through 2 delays.

4) 1994 Topps #80 – Jose Canseco

1994 Topps Jose Canseco best non-action shot

Again – more credit to photos that have the player doing something interesting that’s a part of the game that’s not showcased as much as others.  In this case, Jose Canseco is shaving his bat handles for game day use.  Surprised he does that in the dugout.

3) 1992 Topps #40 – Cal Ripken

1992 Topps Ripken

The Iron Man next to the monument of the Iron Horse.  Probably a better overall card than the 2 ahead of it – but I’m supposed to avoid too much consideration of who is in the photo.

2) 1991 Topps #450 – Wade Boggs

1991 Topps best card Boggs

It was borderline revolutionary to put something like this on a card in 1991.  Particularly for Topps.  The best photo in a set full of great photos.  I had a really tough time not putting this card #1 – I switched back and forth a few times before finally hitting “post”.

1) 1993 Topps #52 – Bobby Bonilla

1993 Topps best card Bonilla

I don’t know why – but this card resonates with me.  This doesn’t feature a pose in an actual baseball environment.  But I’m someone who has an affinity for Manhattan, which is strange since I’m from the Midwest.  But Bonilla – and Bonds a year later – were such a big free agent signings.  Those 2 felt like the first really huge free agent moves in baseball history.

Anyways, like him or not and question his tenure in New York, I think this card captures a bit of baseball history in a unique way.  And it makes me thing wistfully of my 2+ years living in New Jersey.




2 responses

4 10 2016
Adam Kaningher (@adamk0310)

Those are some terrific selections!

4 10 2016

Thanks Adam!

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