My favorite action photos from Topps in the 1990’s

19 09 2016

Getting back on track with my “completed decade” posts.  This listing goes completely on the photo itself – I’m trying to avoid letting the player impact it too much.  These are the “action” variety best of the decade.  I’m just going to do a top 5 of these.

Of course these are just my favorites – so let me know if you’ve got some others you’d include!

Honorable mention – 1994 Topps Kenny Lofton, 1994 Topps Roberto Alomar, 1992 Topps Darryl Strawberry, 1992 Topps Hubie Brooks, 1999 Topps Travis Fryman

5) 1995 Topps #23 – Mike Devereaux

1995 Topps Mike Devereaux

This card could be higher, I like the way it can look awkward or amazing depending on how your mood is going.

4) 1997 Topps #65 – Chuck Knoblauch

1997 Topps 65 Chuck Knoblauch best action shot

This Knoblauch card was the winner in a very good set of action cards.  I love when a card captures a lot of things – there’s a lot of interesting stuff going on, up to and including the jump throw by Knoblauch (who says Derek Jeter invented that!).

3) 1998 Topps #79 – Kevin Polcovich

1998 Topps Kevin Polcovich

Polcovich – whose career was far from memorable – is shown here levitating over a cloud of dust, after trying to turn a DP!  Kind of like the card below, but a slightly different angle.

2) 1993 Topps #50 – Roberto Alomar

1993 Topps best action Alomar

The top 2 separated – the difference between this card and #3 is pretty extreme, whereas I nearly picked this card as #1.  A lot going on.  That’s Carlos Baerga sliding into second to break up a potential double play. Alomar looking on after the throw, mid-air with his leg kicked up.  Mel Harder’s retired number in the background at Cleveland’s Municipal Stadium.  Dust kicking up.  Great card.

1) 1991 Topps #170 – Carlton Fisk

1991 Topps best action Fisk

I didn’t intend it this way – but Fisk won this “award” in both decades!  His 1982 In Action card was my pick fo the 1980’s, and this card is my favorite action shot of the 90’s.  It’s a great card from a great set; the card captures so much.  Cecil Fielder barreling down, Fisk waiting for the ball (and the potential collision), and the on deck hitter signalling “get down”!  This was a tough choice over the Alomar card above.




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