Saturdays Suds: Baseball & Beer #67 Vermont Pub & Brewery Grand Slam Homerun Beer

17 09 2016

I’ve been trying to catch up on Cooperstown Brewing Company beers from my trip to the Hall of Fame back in July.  But I had two beers on that trip that weren’t from CBC.  The first was the .394 Ale from AleSmith (Tony Gwynn’s concoction).  This is the 2nd one.

Vermont Grand Slam Homerun Beer

Brewery:  Vermont Pub & Brewery, Burlington VT

Vermont Pub & Brewery Grand Slam Baseball BeerBeer:  Grand Slam Homerun Beer

Description:  “A light-bodied American pale ale dry-hopped with ALL Vermont Nugget hops. This was the brainchild of Greg Noonan. He had said, privately, that he felt that he had nailed the style for what he had planned and hoped for. Enjoy this light, summer ale while watching your favorite team play. It’s a homerun!”

So I need to digress a minute.  Greg Noonan is a brewing icon.  Maybe, for America, the brewing icon.  Here’s a good write-up.  He trained Jon Kimmich from Alchemist, who brewed (and continued to brew) the most important IPA in the business.  So going to a brewery that was founded by someone viewed as the founder of craft beer – it was pretty cool.  Considering this was a beer he thought hit the mark -that’s pretty cool.

It’s not a beer that I’d give 5 stars by any means.  I thought it was a solid pale ale that was worth drinking and I was happy it wasn’t too strong.  I drove 3 hours to Burlington and had 30 minutes to drive after that – so I needed to pick 2 light beers with my dinner.  This was a good one.  It’s not something they should bottle and mass produce, but it’s a tasty, smooth-drinking ale.

Medium:  I got in on draft at the Vermont Pub & Brewery.  I was driving from Cooperstown, heading to brew heaven in Stowe, VT (Alchemist).  As far as I know this is the only way to get this beer.

How it’s related to baseball:  It’s brewed by one of the founders of craft beer specifically to specifications to watch baseball.  And it’s called Grand Slam.  That’s all I need.

Vermont Pub Grand Slam Beer




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