Topps in the 90’s – last active player

1 09 2016

Last active player from this decade:  The answer to this question for the 80’s was Omar Vizquel.  For the 90’s Topps decade, there are 8 guys who are still on active rosters.  Ortiz has announced his retirement at the end of the year, but I think the rest of these guys are going to be playing in 2017, so it won’t get weeded out much more.

The card listed below is the player’s first Topps card.

Carlos Beltran – 1995 Topps Traded #18 (this is the famous photo mix-up with Juan Lebron)

1995 Topps Traded Beltran LeBron

Bartolo Colon – 1996 Topps #428

1996 Topps Colon PROS

Adrian Beltre – 1998 Topps #254

1998 Topps PROS Beltre Boone Minor

Jayson Werth – 1998 Topps #493

1998 Topps DP Werth

Matt Holliday – 1999 Topps #442

1999 Topps Holliday RC

Matt Belisle – 1999 Topps #438

1999 Topps DP Belisle

C.C. Sabathia – 1999 Topps Traded #T33

1999 Topps CC Sabathia

David Ortiz – 1998 Topps #257

1998 Topps PROS - front

There’s also 3 other guys who played this year and aren’t officially retired.  I think A-Rod is done, and while Josh Hamilton just got cut by the Rangers it sounds like he will re-sign next year.  I have no clue about Carl Crawford.

Josh Hamilton – 1999 Topps Traded #T66

1999 Topps Josh Hamilton

Carl Crawford – 1999 Topps Traded #T75

1999 Topps Carl Crawford

Alex Rodriguez – 1998 Topps #504

1998 Topps - front




2 responses

1 09 2016

Wow- now this makes me feel old!

2 09 2016

Yeah, almost everything related to sports makes me feel old these days.

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