Topps Flagship sets for the 1990’s – FINITO (how I completed the decade)

13 08 2016

When I finished off the 1998 Topps set last September (man it’s almost been a year), that also completed the decade for me.  1990 through 1999 Topps – all checked off.  I finished off the 1980’s decade at the end of 2012, so it took me about 3 years.  Like the 1980’s, I think this deserves a celebration on this blog.  I’m two-thirds of the way there on my Lifetime Topps Project.  Or at least the base card part.

So, the rest of the month will be 1990’s recap here on the blog.  I am copying my standard posts from when I finish off a set – except here for the decade.  For each of the sections from one of my individual completed sets, I’ll break off into an individual post for that decade.  This post can kick it off:

Card that completed my set decade:  1998 Topps #160 – Derek Jeter

1998 Topps Jeter

The Cal Ripken rookie card finished off my 1980’s decade – another great short stop was the finisher for the 1990’s.  I got it in an eBay lot – as I mentioned, almost a year ago now.

The order that I completed the sets and how completed were

  1. 1990 – #675 – Jim Abbott (a trade with blog reader Kary)
  2. 1991 – 710 – Kent Hrbek (trade with Scott Crawford on Cards)
  3. 1992 – #485 – Chris Sabo (trade with Nolan’s Dugout)
  4. 1993 – #630 – Mark Grace (another trade with Nolan’s Dugout)
  5. 1996 – #58 – Scott Sanders (a third one from a trade with Nolan’s Dugout)
  6. 1999 – #352 – Miguel Tejada (trade with Cardboard Examiner)
  7. 1997 – #261 – Lance Johnson (trade with Cardboard Junkie)
  8. 1994 – #379 – Mark McLemore (trade with Highly Subjective and Completely Arbitrary)
  9. 1995 – #446 – Andres Galarraga (purchased in an eBay lot)
  10. 1998 – #160 – Derek Jeter (purchased on eBay)

Nolan’s Dugout was the MVP for me here!  Pretty cool I traded for 8 of the 10 completed cards.

How I put my set decade together:

The total number of cards, including the Topps Traded sets, was 7,499 for the decade.

  • 67.4% (5,058) from boxes
  • 14.9% (1,109) from trades
  • 5.0% (376) from other forms of original Topps packaging – 84 from a 1990 blister, 292 from a 1991 rack pack box
  • 2.0% (150) cards I already had at home in good condition
  • 0.3% (25) single card purchases – 12 from card shows, 6 from eBay, 4 from Beckett Marketplace, 3 from Sportlots
  • 10.4% (781) from purchasing the Traded boxed sets

That’s the first “celebration” of completing the 1990’s decade.




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