2016 Goodwin Champions box break #2

7 08 2016

2016 Goodwin box

Next up is my second box of Goodwin Champions.  This box didn’t have a bigger hit like the first box – in fact, all 3 were pretty minor.


I did get a relic, which I didn’t get last box.  It’s Miesha Tate, who beat Holly Holm after Holm beat Ronda Rousey for the bantamweight belt in UFC.  I knew who this was.  I was bashing this product for having fringe sports, and while this card probably makes that point more than not, she isn’t a complete unknown either.

2016 Goodwin Memorabilia Miesha Tate

Next up was my autograph.  Tom Shields.  I definitely didn’t know who this was.  He’s an Olympian this year.  Which got me thinking – I feel like Goodwin could have saved this product if they had gone with some type of Olympic theme.

2016 Goodwin auto Tom Shields

The last “hit” didn’t used to be considered a hit.  It’s the Supernatural insert set, and in this case the God is Baal.  I think this is pronounced “Bail” – and I kind of remember him as a pagan God from the Bible.  Kind of interesting.

2016 Goodwin Supernaturals Baal

OK, so that’s the hits, so here’s the rest of the box.  I finished up the non-SP portion of the set with this box, so I’ll have a lot of doubles of some people I’ve never heard of!

Here’s the SP cards I got.  I’ve heard of the first 2.


2016 Goodwin box 2 SPs

And here are the minis.  Same as the first box, I got 5 regular minis.

2016 Goodwin box 2 minis

And I got 2 Canvas minis

2016 Goodwin box 2 canvas minis

Next up are the Goudey inserts.  I got 5 of these as you’re supposed to.

2016 Goodwin box 2 Goudey


Below are the “stats” for the box.

I got 21 cards toward the set from this box – finishing that part of the set for me.  I need 40 SP cards to finish the whole thing.

20 packs per box * 5 cards per pack -4 cards (in packs with hits) = 96 cards

76 of the 100 card base set (78% set completion)

  • 5 SP cards

81 of the 150 card full set (54% set completion)

  • 5 Minis
  • 2 Mini Canvas
  • 5 Goudey
  • 1 Supernatural
  • 1 Memorabilia (M. Tate)
  • 1 Autograph (T. Shields)

Including the first box:

  • 100 / 100 of the base cards (100%)
  • 110 / 150 of the full set (73%)



3 responses

7 08 2016

I would have been pretty happy with that Miesha Tate relic, but I am also a collector of UFC cards. It’s got some pretty cool colors, too.

7 08 2016

It is definitely the best of the 3

7 08 2016
Play at the Plate

As before I’m interested in any Olympians. Glad you got a hit this time.

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