Trade with Addiction with as Therapy

3 08 2016

I got some cards in the mail from Adam at Addiction as Therapy.  I would say this is a trade, but I still owe him my end of the deal!  The centerpiece of the trade was this:

2016 Topps Archives Andy Benes auto

I collect the guys in the autograph set who don’t also have a card in the regular set, as long as their card is era appropriate – i.e., a 1986 Topps design of Paul Goldschmidt isn’t on my radar.

I am sending Adam an Archives card, and hopefully a little bit more.  Just been pretty busy lately.

Adam sent a bunch of other cards, too.  Highest on the cool rating was this card – Fabulous Face Flocculence.  I love these rarer sets and hope to finish this off – someday.

2011 Ginter Fabulous Face Neckbeard

Adam also sent a bunch of Archives cards from this year – this is only a chunk of the 20 or so Archives cards. The Garvey is an SP – so that certainly helps!

Trade - Addiction as Therapy 2016 Archives

And he sent quite a few inserts from the last 2 years of Topps.

Trade - Addiction as Therapy Topps inserts

Again, thanks for the trade, Adam!  I’ll get my end of the deal out soon!




One response

4 08 2016

Always a pleasure! You’re welcome! Take your time. You’ve had an exciting past few weeks!

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