Monday at the Hall – Legends of the Game roundtable

2 08 2016

This will be my last post about my trip to the Hall of Fame.  I’ll just say it was a ton of fun – a good excursion for the wife and I to get away.  I got to do lots of baseball stuff, we both got to do lots of fun dinners, and some outdoors type things.

While the induction itself was really cool, and the reason you go, my favorite part of the baseball stuff was on Monday.  Sunday there were 50,000 people, and it’s a very formal event.  Two things about Sunday I didn’t post about earlier – I was on TV for the later interview with Griffey, Gammons, Harold Reynolds and Greg Amsinger – this was pretty cool.  My mom was watching my 2 kids, and my son apparently No, you don’t get to see a pic of me on this blog – but here’s Griffey with Gammons after that interview from my perspective!

Griffey Gammons

After that, we walked by this car on the way home.  I wish I had this kind of creativity and willingness!



On Monday, the HOF hosts an event called Legends of the Roundtable.  I went to this back in 2009 – that had to be one of the first times they did it – where the new Hall of Famers do an outdoor conversation with Gammons.  In 2009, it was at Clark Sports Center, where the induction is.  The players sat on a podium where they had been inducted.  I felt like it was much smaller then.  Now, it’s held at Doubleday Field which is a block away from the Hall.

They sell tickets to the whole 1st base side of bleachers, put a stand up, and the players and Gammons were wearing golf shirts as opposed to the suits from the day before.  It was an awesome event – probably my highlight of the trip!  Griffey and Piazza both answered legitimate questions and you got some stories that seemed “insider” for the weekend.  If you told me I could only go to this or the induction – I might lean toward this!


We finished our days in Cooperstown with a trip to Howe Caverns – which was really cool and not far and on the way to Albany airport if anyone ever wants to go.




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