Updating the Elusive Eight for a 5th time – Finishing a set!

15 07 2016

I could probably give some good advice on blogging.  I could tell you what it takes to keep a blog going for an extended amount of time.  I could tell you what things I think works, and mostly what I’d say is do what keeps it fun.

One specific thing I’d say is this – create a list of your (reasonable) most wanted cards and put it on your blog.  Because it will cause you to find some of those “most wanted” in various ways.  A blogger or two might have the card you need, and that’s happened for me.  But it also will make you search out those cards.  Which is what happened here.

1996 Topps Power Boosters #21 – Jim Scharrer

1996 Topps Power Boosters Jim Scharrer

I’ll try to get the completed set post done tomorrow!  (*Never mind – will be later in the month – too much to do!)


Here’s the updated Elusive Eight, just in case anyone has these cards available!  Remember – the pictures are the photos I have of other cards in the set.  Since I don’t have them, I don’t have actual photos yet!

2012 Topps Archives Combos – #58-CK – Cabrera/Kaline

2012 Topps Archives Combos – #58-YE – Yaz/Ellsbury

2012 Archives Combos Bench Votto

I’m 2 cards away from the Combos set that was a retail-only insert in 2012 Topps Archives.

2012 Topps Archives In Action #82IA-JE – Jacoby Ellsbury

Trade Night Owl June 2012 Archives

1998 Topps Focal Points #11 – Chuck Knoblauch

1998 Topps Focal Point Frank Thomas

2013 Gypsy Queen #218 – Adam Wainwright

2013 Gypsy Queen Gwynn

1996 Topps Masters of the Game #15 – Kirby Puckett

96 Masters of Game

1995 Topps Pre-Production Spectralite #PP5 – Travis Fryman

1995 Topps Pre-Production Spectralite Sandy Alomar

2012 Allen & Ginter Giants of the Deep #14 – Bottlenose Whale

2012 Ginter mini Giants Deep Bottlenose Whale

Here are some other cards that would be knocking on the door to make the list. 3 of them have been on the list at some point in the past, but were bumped to make room for the Power Boosters cards.

2001 Topps MVP redemption set – a very expensive set, I have about 10 of the 25 cards

2003 Topps Nolan Ryan Record Breaker – 5 very difficult cards to go

2003 Topps Traded – 5 cards to go

2004 Topps – 5 cards to go

2012 Topps – the Bryce Harper 661 card



2 responses

15 07 2016
Josh Mack

I actually picked up the Knoblauch Focal Points at a show a while back for you. Just let me know the best way to get it to you!

22 07 2016
Completed insert set – 1996 Topps Power Boosters | Lifetime Topps project

[…] just got this card to knock it off my Elusive Eight in […]

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