Tuesday Tunes: Diamond Ditty #9 – “Love Ain’t No Triple Play” by Bennie Wallace

5 07 2016

Here’s my ninth “Tuesday Tunes” – where I post about a song that has something to do with baseball!  This one comes a few weeks after my post on the movie “Bull Durham“, and it’s probably the least known song I’ve done thus far.  At least, I’d never heard of it until I re-watched the movie!

Artist/Title/Album:  “Love Ain’t No Triple Play” by Bennie Wallace featuring Dr. John & Bonnie Raitt (Bull Durham Soundtrack, 1988)

Bull Durham soundtrack

Description:  I don’t think there’s too much as far as special background to this.  Bennie Wallace was a fairly notable saxophone player who was asked to contribute to the Bull Durham soundtrack.  The move was a greenlit project that had some decent names then made some careers.  They got Dr. John and Bonnie Raitt to sing the collaboration together – right before, or maybe right around – when Raitt was becoming a big commercial success.  This probably helped her career, but it was hardly defining.  It’s a great song, though I think it gets forgotten a bit.


How it’s related to baseball:  It’s the credits song on a baseball movie, and it uses a baseball metaphor as the chorus.  It’s not as notable as some of the other songs I’ve done – but it’s a good listen.

Love ain’t no triple play
It’s just me and you … All the way




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