Putting a Big Hurt on a PSA case

1 07 2016
William Wallace


In April I did a bunch of posts about the parallel cards I was collecting for the Lifetime Topps project.  The first year where I didn’t have every single card I wanted was 1996 Topps.  I was missing the Topps Chrome Refractor for Frank Thomas.  At the time, I lamented the fact that I had passed on paying $20 for an ungraded version of that card on eBay.  Well, I found one for two-thirds of that recently, but it was “encased”.  And graded cards don’t fit in a binder next to the other Frank Thomas 1996 Topps cards I have.  Here’s a progression of what I did to


For anyone doing this, I’d recommend going to the closest thing you have to a sound proof room.  If you have a baby and a 4-year old, a wife, a girlfriend or any combination of the above, you don’t want them getting pissed mid-strike.  That could lead to interruption, which could lead to a damaged card.


Speaking of damaged cards, be careful once you get that quiet room, be careful.  You need to hammer the case hard enough to get some breaks each time, but not so hard that you crack the whole thing in one swing – which would turn that “8” into a “4” right away.  Hammer on the back of the card, because, a scratch on the back isn’t really a big deal. Also – and this is the best advice because I only learned it after doing this a few times – hammer from the bottom.  You just need to get that card out of the way.  The top has the PSA logo and that just means added glass to break.  Go to the bottom – the point of least resistance.

Frank has his freedom.  William Wallace would be proud.




4 responses

1 07 2016

I really like how you showed the progression of your beer consumption!! Nice card too.

1 07 2016

That was completely intentional and glad you picked up on it 😉

2 07 2016
P-town Tom

Did it take a full beer to complete the task? If so, those cases are harder to crack than I thought!

2 07 2016

Lol, I was drinking pretty fast. And I think I went pretty slow just to be careful. I scratched a card the last time I did it 😦

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