2016 Topps series 2 HTA Jumbo box – hits

23 06 2016

When you buy a HTA Jumbo box, 1 of your 3 hits will be a manufactured relic.  That’s fine by me, though I always hope Topps keeps new ideas coming with these.  This is a Future Stars logo card of Jose Altuve.  These are pretty decent – it kind of reminds me of the material on an air hockey table.

2016 Topps s2 manu relic - Altuve

I also got a more “real” relic – of the Scouting Report variety.  Paul Goldschmidt, so while I never get too excited about a piece of jersey, at least it’s a star player.

2016 Topps s2 Scouting Report relic - Goldschmidt

My autograph was also of the Scouting Report variety – and he wasn’t a Diamondback.  It wasn’t a card of an All-Star player, however.  Brandon Drury is of the younger prospect variety, but he is having a good rookie year with the Diamondbacks.

2016 Topps s2 auto - Brandon Drury




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24 06 2016

Major bummer

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