2016 Topps series 2 HTA jumbo – inserts

22 06 2016

Here’s my insert post for Topps series 2.  Just like in series 1 – I liked that Topps didn’t go as overboard with the number of inserts as they had done in the past.  I just wish that meant that I had finished off the base set in my box – which didn’t happen!

As usual, I’m starting with my least favorite and moving up to the best.  That is easily Berger’s Best.  Same as series 1.  Another reprint set just isn’t necessary, and this one suffers from the problem that there’s nothing on the front designating it as “Reprint flavor of 2016”.  Which is why I’m showing you the back.  I got 10 of these – but there’s only room on the scanner for 8 and these aren’t worth a 2nd scan.

2016 Topps s2 Berger's Best

Next is Hallowed Highlights.  There’s just nothing standout about this set.  More than any other set in series 2 – it feels like filler.  I think this replaces the Back to Back set from series 1.  I got 5 of them.

2016 Topps s2 Hallowed Highlights

The rest of these are good insert sets to me.  First Pitch is back from series 1 (and from 2015).  I hope Topps keeps this up.  Craig Sager threw out the first pitch at Wrigley the other day and he’d be a good addition.  The reason this isn’t a bit higher is that it uses the 2016 base design and thus doesn’t stick out.  I’d rather the set have its own design and have 2016 build on the 2015 set.  Also, if you’re going to do an insert about the first pitch, showing more of the background would be better.

2016 Topps s2 First Pitch

Next up is the 100 years of Wrigley Field, which really should be 100 years of the Cubs at Wrigley Field, insert set.  This one is very cool, and as you can see there’s a former U.S. Prez in the mix.  I don’t know if there’s any historical errors in the write-ups like there were in series 1, but I’m mostly able to look past those anyways.  Cool set.

2016 Topps s2 100 years Wrigley

Replacing Perspectives and Pressed into Service are two single player sets – both of guys who will be going into the Hall of Fame as a Seattle Mariner.  The first one is for Ichiro’s chase for 3,000 hits this year.  I got 10 of these.  They list various milestone hits from Ichiro’s career.  It will be fun to go through the 30 cards Topps picked whenever I finish this set off!

2016 Topps s2 Chasing 3K Ichiro

Last of the regular inserts is the Ken Griffey Jr. card set.  This set is called Tribute to the Kid.  My favorite player, going into the HOF this year (and I’m going to see it). Him getting an insert set is appropriate.  This is a very similar design as the 2000 All-Topps Team insert set.

2016 Topps s2 Tribute to the Kid - Griffey

Last but not least is an insert that’s tougher to find.  This is Topps Laser, which was an old product from back in the late 90’s, early 00’s.  They’ve done the laser cutting in what I’d describe as either a web or a stack of see-through rocks on the front.  That then opens up into a booklet.  Inside is an HD-looking full-bleed picture.  I got Anthony Rizzo.

2016 Topps s2 Laser - Rizzo front

2016 Topps s2 Laser - Rizzo open

In person, this is a very cool card.




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