Ichiro & Pete Rose

20 06 2016

2016 Topps Now Ichiro 6-15-16

I bought the card above (on eBay – not directly on Topps Now), because I think it’s a really cool accomplishment.

Keep in mind I’m a Reds fan, so while I think Pete Rose is generally a POS, I do take some local pride in his on-the-field accomplishments.  I’ve read a bunch of arguments – they are almost all negative and defensive, and I think they’re kind of sad.  Most of them focus on Tuffy Rhodes or a few others who went over to Japan and became stars for a few years.  Or equate the Japan Nippon League to 4-A level baseball.  They don’t focus on some other arguments – like the fact that Ichiro was an MVP over there and over here.  Or the fact that the Nippon League played only 130 games when Ichiro was over there, and he was the only Nippon League player to top 200 hits in the 130-game season.  In other words, if he had played in the Majors in the 6 full seasons that he played in Japan – he would likely have passed Rose a year or two ago.

Regardless of all that, I think it’s just a cool accomplishment.  Rose is still the active MLB leader – he’s the hit king.  He doesn’t need to make Hit Queen comments that make it apparent he’s jealous.  If anything, he could have taken advantage of this.  Most of the focus on Pete has been the lifetime suspension, but if he had been more gracious, I bet he could have talked MLB into letting him be in attendance for when Ichiro “passed” him.  Instead, he just sounds like a petty jerk.  It’s not like when Ichiro goes to Cooperstown in 6-7 years and say “Pete Rose – why aren’t you here”?

He did point something out – again, it makes him look petty – but it’s true, he has the most career professional hits.  I did some research and wanted to put together a list for this.  Because I love this kind of useless information!

Here are the players with over 4,000 professional hits.

Pete Rose 4,776 professional hits

  • 4256 MLB
  • 427 Minors
  • 86 postseason
  • 7 All-Star
Ichiro ~4,502
  • 2,980 MLB
  • 1,278 Japan
  • 156 Japan Minors
  • 24 WBC
  • 16 postseason
  • 8 All-Star
  • ~25 Japan All-Star (17 games 94-00)
  • ~15 Japan Series (95-96)
Ty Cobb 4,381
  • 4,189 MLB
  • 166 Minors
  • 17 postseason
  • 7 Cuban-American Series
  • 2 Addie Joss All-Star game
Derek Jeter 4,244
  • 3,465 MLB
  • 551 Minors
  • 200 postseason
  • 17 WBC
  • 11 All-Star
Hank Aaron ~4,233
  • 3,771 MLB
  • 324 Minors
  • ~100 Negro Leagues (1952 – estimate)
  • 25 postseason
  • 13 All-Star
Jigger Statz – 4,093 (some random minor league dude from the 20’s and 30’s)
  • 737 majors
  • 3356 minors
Stan Musial 4,043
  • 3,630 MLB
  • 371 Minors
  • 22 postseason
  • 20 All-Star
Tris Speaker was just short – 3,989
  • 3,514 MLB, 451 Minors, 22 postseason, 2 Addie Joss All-Star game



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24 06 2016
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[…] ignored the fact that Rose had another 427 hits in the minor leagues, which is also professional. The Lifetime Topps Project did an interesting breakdown of players with more than 4000 professional hits, including not only […]

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