2016 Topps Series 2 HTA jumbo box – base cards

19 06 2016

Being from Cincinnati, I almost never root for Cleveland sports teams.  In fact, I usually make fun of them – I’m petty like that, and making fun of the Indians and (especially) the Browns makes me feel better about my team the way an insecure jerk makes fun of others due to his/her own insecurities.  This is sports, people, and if I make fun of the Clowns drafting everyone from Tim Couch to Johnny Manziel, it somehow makes the Bengals playoff loss to the Steelers last season not seem so bad.

But that’s not true for the Cavs – I hope they win tonight.  Now back to baseball cards…

So I got through my Topps series 2 HTA jumbo box and, unfortunately, I didn’t get a full set.  Far short actually, which kind of stinks because that’s one of the reasons I buy the jumbo box.  Argh.  I got a lot of doubles, but am 40 cards short of the series.  D’oh!  I guess that means there’s some trading to be done!

I’ll start with 6 cards I thought stood out a bit from the rest and are my favorite from this series.  The top four are cards I’m thinking about trying for the parallel sets that I get each year.  The first is one I showed yesterday – Addison Russell.  This is probably what I’m going to go with.  Russell is young, but this isn’t a rookie card, so it wouldn’t be too expensive.  I think Russell has a great future in front of him, and it helps that he plays in the city where I currently reside.

2016 Topps s2 Addison Russell

But the next 2 guys play for my hometown team, and both cards are different for different reasons.  The Billy Hamilton card is also one which shows a youngster making a leaping play.  The Votto isn’t as notable – he’s just swinging – but I think it’s a clean photo that fits the vertical design about as well as any of the closer-up shots do.

2016 Topps s2 Billy Hamilton

2016 Topps s2 Joey Votto

The next is James Shields, who is currently getting lit up for the White Sox.  Honestly, he’s been so bad you have to wonder if he’s finished.  He’s given up 32 runs over his past 4 starts – at least 7 each time.  But this card is f*cking cool.

2016 Topps s2 James Shields

Last up are 2 legends who may be in their last years – but are having shockingly phenomenal 2016 seasons.  Ortiz is probably the AL MVP to this point, and Ichiro is hitting .354 and could be working on a player of the month award.  I’m probably gonna post more on him tomorrow.

2016 Topps s2 Ichiro

2016 Topps s2 David Ortiz

Here’s more scans from what I did pull – which is still most of the set.  These are some other favorite photos of mine.

2016 Topps s2 best photos horizontal

2016 Topps s2 best photos vertical

For series 2, I always like to see who they got in new uniforms.  The guys who switched teams.  Cards that, until the turn of the century or so, would be found in the Topps Traded set.

2016 Topps s2 new teams

I also like to show the combo cards – which moonlight as checklists these days.  I’m missing one of these checklist cards – #492 – which shows a few Cardinals.

2016 Topps s2 checklists

A theme more and more in flagship, and particularly in this series 2, seems to be celebrations.  This gets a bit confusing, because celebrations were the theme behind SP variations in a flagship Topps set a few years ago.  Each time I pulled one of these cards I checked the back to see if it was a variation card.  They aren’t – the theme is Jackie Robinson day – #42, for most of the SP variations.

2016 Topps s2 celebrations

Finally, here’s a scan of 9 other notable guys who didn’t make it in any of the scans above.

2016 Topps s2 notable players




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