2016 Topps series 2 – All Star Rookies and Future Stars

18 06 2016

I bought a box of series 2 yesterday, and opened it up last night.  I have quite a bit of sorting to do, but here’s the first post.  I always like to see the All-Star Rookie cards.

2016 Topps s2 ASR  team

These are now are guaranteed to have that Future Stars logo on them.  A trend I don’t particularly care for, because when I grew up, Future Stars were cards before guys were eligible for the All-Star Rookie team.  I have noticed a rule of thumb, though – if it’s a RC, they won’t have the Future Stars logo.

Here’s my favorite card out of all the Future Stars (ASR or not).  Addison Russell – probably my favorite card of series 2.

2016 Topps s2 Addison Russell

And here’s the rest of the Future Stars.  Position players first, pitchers next.

2016 Topps s2 Future Stars

2016 Topps s2 Future Stars Pitchers

Hope to have wantlist up later tonight and do some more posts tomorrow.




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