2016 Topps Archives – the hits

14 06 2016

I got 2 autographs, just like you’re supposed to, in my 2016 Archives box.  I didn’t get any of the insert theme autographs like Father-Son or Topps Super.  It would have been especially cool if I could have pulled a Bull Durham auto, but nobody on this planet ever really chooses each other.

I did get 2 of the Fan Favorite Autographs.  The first one was a regular version of Charlie Hayes.  Hayes is card #308 in the SP portion of the set, this is just the autographed version of that card.

2016 Topps Archives FF Auto Charlie Hayes

The other card I got was the blue version of Miguel Sano’s autograph.  This is #/199, which I bet isn’t that much rarer than the regular versions of the autographed cards.  Sano’s regular card is in the 1991 portion of the set.

2016 Topps Archives FF Auto Miguel Sano 83

There are 45 of those Fan Favorite autographs.  The guys who aren’t in the regular set are:

  • FFA-AB Andy Benes 89
  • FFA-BB Bob Boone 79
  • FFA-BC Bert Campaneris 71
  • FFA-BS B.J. Surhoff 89
  • FFA-BW Billy Wagner 90 (not a really FFA – he didn’t start playing until 1995)
  • FFA-CE Carl Everett 90 (not a really FFA – he didn’t start playing until 1993)
  • FFA-DS Darryl Strawberry 86
  • FFA-EP Eduardo Perez 90 (jumping the gun – he didn’t start playing until 1993)
  • FFA-FH Frank Howard 71
  • FFA-FT Fernando Tatis 83 (not a really FFA – he didn’t start playing until 1997)
  • FFA-JB Jeff Burroughs 71
  • FFA-JK Jim Kaat 71
  • FFA-JL Javy Lopez 91 (also not really a FFA – he made his debut in 1992)
  • FFA-JN Jeff Nelson 85 (he also didn’t start playing until 1992)
  • FFA-JR J.R. Richard 79
  • FFA-JV Jose Vizcaino 89
  • FFA-MA Moises Alou 86
  • FFA-PH Pat Hentgen 91
  • FFA-RB Ron Blomberg 71
  • FFA-RF Rollie Fingers 71
  • FFA-RM Rick Monday 71
  • FFA-SA Sandy Alomar, Jr. 90
  • FFA-SAJ Sandy Alomar, Sr. 71
  • FFA-SG Steve Garvey 79
  • FFA-TF Terry Francona 84
  • FFA-TH Teddy Higuera 86
  • FFA-VL Vern Law 53



2 responses

15 06 2016

I’d love to have the SANO! I got Andy Benes and Billy Wagner. Would you like either or both of them for the Sano? I do have some A & G for you and probably some of the 2016 Archives Supers and Father and Son combos. If you want to hold onto the Sano I understand.

17 06 2016

I’d be interested in both – we could expand the trade too.

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