2016 Topps Archives – other inserts

10 06 2016

Another late post from me.  I went to a Kane County Cougars game tonight which was pretty fun, but didn’t get a chance until now.  I’m never sure in this situation if I should just wait til tomorrow, but I’ve had this post almost teed up for a while now.

Yesterday I posted about how great the idea of a Bull Durham set was, but also lamented about the missed opportunity by putting Costner and Sarandon only in the insert set.  But there are 3 other inserts in Archives, and this is the post for those.

First off, 4 inserts with 62 cards in total is great.  Unlike almost every other product out there, I can reasonably collect the 300-card base set and 55 inserts.  I wish Topps would do this with more products – it would make me far more likely to buy boxes.

So aside from that, here’s the other 3.

1969 Topps Supers – 30 cards, 1:6

2016 Topps Archives 69 Super

In 1969, Topps issued test cards of full-bleed cards, believed to be released only in the NYC area.  The corners are rounded and the cards are just a quarter-inch shorter than the other sets on each side (2-¼ x 3-¼).  The backs are minimalist – just a box at the bottom with the player name, team and position.  There’s a great write-up on these here.

The Archives version is just a little bit different; the cards have the rounded corners, but they’re the same size as all the other cards in the pack.  Wish they weren’t – I always prefer matching the original – but these are still really nice-looking cards.  There’s also a version where the writing is red on the back (“red back”) numbered to 50, a black back 1/1 version, 4 printing plates, and 19 of the players autographed their Super card for pack inserts.  These are all current players.

1985 Topps Draft Picks – 18 cards, 1:8

2016 Topps Archives 1st Draft Pick Blomberg Griffey Strasburg

The last 2 inserts copy the design of a 1985 Topps subset.  Not sure why Topps wanted to go all 1985 on us, but I’m fine with it – they’re good subsets.  The first is the 1st overall draft pick subset, which was card #271-282 in 1985.  This is really cool, as the 1985 subset obviously didn’t feature every single 1st overall pick.  This is a mix of current and former players.  15 of the guys in this insert are new – Harold Baines, Darryl Strawberry and Jeff Burroughs are in this set and the original subset.

1985 Topps Father/Son – 7 cards, 1:12

2016 Topps Archives Father Son Perez Alomar

The other 1985 subset that was recreated was the father/son cards from #131-143.  There is one duplicate here – Terry and Tito Francona are in the 1985 subset and the 2016 Archives card.  The really cool one is the Boone boys.  Ray and Bob Boone have a card in 1985, whereas Bob switches over to the left side in 2016 and his son Bret comes in on the right.  Sandy Alomar appears on 2 cards with both of his sons – something I wish Topps had done with Aaron Boone.

One thing kind of frustrating with this insert – there are 7 cards in the regular set but 8 in the autograph set.  Topps printed a card of Felipe and Moises Alou, but then they didn’t make a regular, non-auto version.




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12 06 2016
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