2016 Topps Archives – parallels

7 06 2016

Tonight I’m slightly closer to my regular posting time, though still a bit late.  I usually set up posts a few days in advance.  That works fine for when I’m doing a post about a set I completed 11 months ago, or a box I opened a few weeks ago.  But doing it for a new product I just bought means I’ve got to open the packs and then post about them.  Fitting in dinner, hanging out with the kids, putting them to bed – that makes doing a post by 6:30 CST impossible if I don’t.

Today’s post is about parallel sets from 2016 Topps Archives.  I got 2 parallels in my box – both of the blue variety.

Blue – 1:14 (#/199)

2016 Topps Archives blue Franco Beltran

Two New Yorkers.  Both were Mets at one point in their career.  Franco is in the 1991 portion of the set, which matches up with where he was in 1991.  In fact, his 1991 Topps card isn’t that different from the card above.  But that’s for another post, where I’ll do all sorts of those comparisons.

As you can see, these cards have a blue background; the only other difference is that they’re numbered out of 199 on the back.  Not bad, actually.  I kind of like these better than the holofoil stuff Topps did in previous Archives sets (2014 and 2013 – not sure what they did last year, I had a year hiatus from this product).

Those were the only 2 parallel cards I got.  The rest of the photos are pilfered from the interwebs (i.e., eBay).

Red – 1:55 (#/50)

2016 Topps Archives red Franco

Pilfered is a little too strong of a term here – I actually bought this card on eBay to get a rainbow of Mr. Franco.  So I own the card pictured.  I wish I had just pulled it in a pack, but if ifs and buts were candy and nuts…

Same idea as the blue parallels – just harder to find and numbered out of 50.

Black – 1:2,728 (#/1)

2016 Topps Archives Black Eckersley

I did not buy this card, but if you’re an Eckersley super-collector it’s on eBay right now for 99 bucks.  This is your standard 1/1.  There’s also printing plates, which I’m not going to show here because I think printing plates are dumb.  They were novel 20 years ago and are now in every product.

Desert Shield – 1:328

2016 Topps Archives Desert Shield Franco

This was a very cool unannounced addition.  Cards in the 1991 subset – #201 to #300 – have the Desert Shield logo in the top right corner.  This looks back to the cards that were stamped with a special logo and sent to members of the military in 1991.  Those cards sell for a big premium over the regular cards.

It would be neat if Topps went that route again – they inserted these cards into packs, but maybe they could do a special set to send out to today’s troops.

That’s all the parallels, I think next up I’ll do the inserts.



3 responses

7 06 2016
Heritage Baseball

Nice pull on the Desert Shield parallel. I really like they did that this year.

9 06 2016

That wasn’t a pull, actually. Just an example I borrowed from eBay. I am planning on bidding on it though…

10 06 2016
Heritage Baseball

Well, good luck if you do bid

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