2016 Topps Archives – first pack

5 06 2016
2016 Topps Archives hobby pack

2016 Topps Archives hobby pack

So I went ahead and broke a promise to myself.  I was limiting 2016 purchases to Topps Flagship and Goodwin, but I decided to go ahead and buy a box of Topps Archives.  Basically, I like this product and the Bull Durham cards roped me in.  I thought about it, and unlike previous years, there aren’t 6 or 7 insert sets that are really hard to put together.  There’s the Bull Durham, ’69 Topps Super, a 300-card base set, 10 SP’s (way less than last year, though they are hard to find), a bunch of parallels and some autographs.  Given the baseball card timeframe we are in – this is actually a pretty simple product.

2016 Topps Archives hobby box

So I bought a box yesterday.  It’s been a busy week and a busy weekend, so I’ve only got the chance to open 1 pack so far.  I figured I’d scan 1 of each year represented.

First is 1953.  I kind of think of Archives as a product for the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s – it’s the Heritage cards that haven’t been done yet.  Not the 1953 cars that had a Heritage set 14 years ago.  That said, 1953 was a great year for Topps – notching in at #9 in the definitive Night Owl countdown – and it’s good to see current players on 100 cards in that design.  Who better than Shelby Miller and is 7+ ERA to showcase it!

2016 Topps Archives Shelby Miller

Next up is 1979.  Another good year for Topps, though to me not as stellar or groundbreaking as the other 2 years showcased in this year’s Archives.  1979 is solid, but not spectacular.  Much like A’s catcher Steven Vogt!

2016 Topps Archives Vogt

Finally, the 1991 set is to me one of the best sets of my lifetime.  Probably not the best – but close.  It’s the last gray back set.  It has great photography, a solid design, and Topps did a great job by switching the 40 to a 65 in the top corner here.  Getting great photography like the original?  Not so much with this Billy Butler card…

2016 Topps Archives Billy Butler

Like I said, that’s all I’ve got time for right now, but I hope to have a bit more on the box tomorrow.



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8 06 2016

I bought a box as well for basically the same reasons. I won’t be collecting the short prints and have a Steve Garvey for you if you’d like it. I also have some of the inserts I could send your way. Email me when you have your want list up!

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