Saturdays Suds: Baseball & Beer #61 BridgePort Brewing Long Ball Ale

21 05 2016

I really haven’t done a “Saturday Suds” for a specific beer in quite a while, but I found at the local Binny’s one that definitely qualifies .  This beer was brewed in conjunction with a local minor league team out in Oregon.

Bridgeport Long Ball Ale 6 pack

Brewery:  BridgePort Brewing in Portland, OR

Beer:  Long Ball Ale

wp-1462244965680.jpgDescription: This Golden Ale has a good amount of carbonation.  It kind of reminded me of champagne, though it’s obviously less sweet and, of course, has hops!  It was a really good beer and I bet it does well at the ballpark.

Medium:  I bought a 12-oz bottle from Binny’s as part of a create your own 6-pack.  Though I may go back and get a full 6-er of this beer.  Naturally, if you live in Portland, you can get it at the ballpark as well.

How it’s related to baseball:  This is a beer produced specifically for a minor league team, the Hillsboro Hops.  The Hops are the short-season A-ball affiliate of the Arizona Diamondbacks.  They were founded in 2013 when the Yakima Bears moved to Hillsboro (a suburb of Portland).  They became the Hops, and a brewery became a natural sponsor.  BridgePort Brewing, known as Oregon’s oldest craft brewery – which is saying something – stepped in.

They created a special brew to be sold at Ron Tonkin Field, and BridgePort sponsors the Brew Pen, where you can get beers, hot dogs and other concessions.

BridgePort Brew - Hillsboro Hops BrewPen

My uncle and his family live in Portland; someday I may make it out there and can try this beer in its natural environment!




One response

21 05 2016
Tony L.

Ask Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown about it. I think he’s been to a Hops game.

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