2000 Topps parallels – Mark McGwire (and Roger Clemens)

11 05 2016

2000 Topps

Card I selected:  #1 – Mark McGwire

I try to select players that I like throughout this parallel thing I’m doing.  Mark McGwire doesn’t fall into that category.  It’s not so much the steroids – it’s more the indignation he had about the steroids.  But I won’t go down that foxhole right now.  I was between 2 guys in this set – the other being Greg Maddux, who has an awesome photo where he’s squaring up to bunt.  The bottom line is, I found an MVP parallel of McGwire before the Maddux one, so that’s the guy I’m going with.  Also, Big Mac is an interesting card to select for 2000.  He got the first card treatment and was, along with Hank Aaron (the 2 HR kings at the time), the sponsor shown on the box for this product.

Also, similar to 1988 Topps, there’s a partial parallel that doesn’t fit with the other cards.  20th Century Best was a subset in 2000 Topps, and it had a parallel version.  The whole point of this is to pick a regular card.  In this case, Mark McGwire’s card #1 doesn’t have a Century Best parallel.  So I am going to throw one of those in the binder.  McGwire himself does have a card int he 20th Century subset, but I decided if it’s not the same card, I might as well get a different player.  In the middle of the steroid era – I might as well go with another steroid guy!

# of cards (including the Topps card):  9

The parallel sets in 2000 include:

  • MVP promotion
  • Home Team Advantage
  • Limited
  • 20th Century Best Sequential
  • Oversize
  • Opening Day
  • Chrome
  • Chrome Refractors


2000 Topps #1

2000 Topps MVP Promotion #NNO

In 2000, Topps came back with the MVP promotion again.  Inserted into hobby packs, these cards carry a Topps MVP stamp.  If the player depicted won MVP of the week (as selected by Topps) at some point in 2000, you could send that card in for a set of cards honoring each of the 25 winners.  Other than the stamp, the front of the card is the same; the backs of the cards have information on the promotion (no statistics).

2000 Topps Home Team Advantage #1

Cards from hobby factory sets got a stamp to specially designate them.  They are stamped with a “Home Team Advantage” logo.

2000 Topps Limited #1

Limited Edition factory sets were made in the idea of the old Tiffany sets, with only 4,000 sets produced.  The cards have a thicker gloss coating than the regular Topps cards, and are also stamped with the words “Limited Edition” in the bottom right.

2000 Topps Oversize #1

2000 Topps McGwire

2000 Topps Oversize McGwire back

Each hobby box or HTA jumbo box contained a 3-¼” x 4-½” jumbo card as a box topper.  This was the 2nd (and last) year Topps did this.  There were 16 cards that are exact replicas of the player’s base cards, except for the size and the numbering.

2000 Topps Opening Day #1

Opening Day was back for the 2nd time in 2000.  Again, a 165 card set that was retail only.  It features the same photos from the base Topps set.  The border is more of a silver compared to the gray of the flagship set, and there is a foil Opening Day logo at the bottom.  Naturally, the back has a different number (though not for McGwire’s card since he’s #1).

2000 Topps Chrome #1

Topps Chrome was back for its 5th year.  Released in 2 series, Chrome was a full reproduction of the regular Topps set for the 3rd (and final) time.  The front of the card reproduces the base set using Topps chromium technology and of course the logo is the Topps Chrome logo.  The back of the card is the same as the regular set except for the Topps Chrome logo and slightly different copyright wording.

2000 Topps Chrome Refractor #1

Inserted every 12 packs of Topps Chrome were refractors with the colorful, reflective shine.  The word refractor is written to the right of number on the card back – otherwise the back is the same as the regular Chrome card.

2000 Topps 20th Century Best Sequential #1

2000 Topps 20th Clemens

2000 Topps 20th Clemens back

The other inserted partial parallel is gold foil versions of the 20th Century Best cards that are in the base set.  These cards are numbered to the statistic that’s presented (i.e. – Roger Clemens 3,316 strikeouts).  The parallel is much shinier than the regular card.  Since this was a parallel for only the 20th Century Best subset, there isn’t a parallel of McGwire’s card #1 in this set.  McGwire does have a card in the 20th Century Best subset, but I figured I’d shake it up a little bit and use this card of Clemens.

The “Rainbow”:

2010 Topps McGwire rainbow

2000 Topps McGwire

Any sets I didn’t get:  That’s all you could possibly get from 2000.

Other cards I would have liked to do:  As I noted above, the Greg Maddux card is really cool and he has all of the above cards.  I would have probably preferred that if I could track down an MVP parallel of his (at a reasonable price).  Since I found McGwire’s first, I went with him.  Since he was the 2000 Topps sponsor, that’s pretty cool.  I also really like the Larry Walker, Ryan Klesko and Barry Larkin pictures.  But none of them are in the oversize set and I already did Larkin in 1998.

There’s a Hank Aaron tribute card that has just about every card from above included.  That would have been cool, but there isn’t an MVP parallel of Aaron so I couldn’t get a full parallel.  Also, this is kind of geared toward current players!




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