1997 Topps Wal-Mart series 2 jumbo box

6 05 2016

I ended up buying something for this parallel project in 3 different cases.  Those packs would be otherwise unnecessary.  The first one was this jumbo box of 1997 Topps.  Topps released special Wal-Mart boxes including a jumbo card.  Series 1 had a jumbo reprint of the 1952 Willie Mays Topps card, and came with 10 series 1 packs.  In series 2, the box had 15 retail packs with jumbo versions of 3 different players from the base set – Ken Griffey Jr., Cal Ripken or Chipper Jones.  These jumbo cards are really hard to find, and I’ve never seen a single Chipper card sold.  But I did find a box with the Chipper card.  So I bought it on eBay for about 20 bucks shipped.

I’ve finished the 1997 set, and all the inserts, so this was completely superfluous.  But if I’m gonna buy it – I might as well open it.  And post about it.

Here’s a picture of the box from when I bought it on eBay.

1997 Topps Wal-Mart box Chipper

Here’s the box, after I stripped it of its contents.

1997 Topps Wal-Mart s2 box

It’s kind of funny how they fit the packs in there.  You can see about 5 rows on the left hand side.  There’s 2 packs in each of those rows.  Which means they had 5 packs fit in other areas throughout the box.  It was something of an Easter egg hunt getting them out.

Here’s the jumbo card of Chipper.  The top left side was a little dinged, which is a bummer, but it’s due to the packaging.  The card was directly fit into the cardboard of the box.  After 19 years old – it having a ding not too surprising.

1997 Topps Jumbo Chipper

1997 Topps Jumbo Chipper back

In the first pack I opened, I got a Mays Finest card.  Pretty good job.  The odds were 1:28, so getting one in a 15 card box is good.

1997 Topps Mays Finest 1961 AS

In the 5th pack, I got Chipper himself, so kind of nice to compare the jumbo to the real thing.

1997 Topps Chipper Jones

I got 2 Season’s Best cards – Otis Nixon and Lance Johnson of the Leading Looters variety.

1997 Topps Season Best Johnson Nixon

In the last pack, I got one more Mays Finest card.  Not a refractor – that would have been cool.  Still beating odds, I guess.

1997 Topps Mays finest 57

I got a lot of the same card in this box – it had really poor collation if I was using this to start a set.  Since these are all doubles, I didn’t really care.

1997 Topps Wal-Mart box base

1997 Topps Wal-Mart box base cards

Those were some of the better base cards from series 2.  Remember – anything above (except the Chipper Jumbo) is for trade!




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