1983 Topps parallels – Gary Carter

22 04 2016

1983 Topps

Card I selected:  #370 – Gary Carter

There is basically only 1 parallel card for the ’83 Topps set.  There were no Coke or Burger King sets, so it’s just O-Pee-Chee.  That means there’s a lot I can pick from.  My “best card” from my completed set post was Carl Yastrzemski’s last Topps card.  I already did a card of Yaz in 1981 for this parallel project, so I’m going with my second favorite card, that of Gary Carter.  This set probably has the best photography of any Topps set in the 1980’s, so winning 1983 is saying something!

# of cards (including the Topps card):  2

The parallel sets in 1983 include:

  • O-Pee-Chee


1983 Topps #370

83 Topps 2nd best Card G Carter

1983 Topps Gary Carter back

1983 O-Pee-Chee #370

1983 OPC Gary Carter

1983 OPC Gary Carter back

The Canadian version of the Topps set.  At 396 cards, the OPC set was exactly half the size of the Topps set.  This particular card was given the same number as the Topps Carter card.  I think that, if the player got a OPC card but his Topps card was in the second half (#397-792) of the set, he’d have a different card number. Makes sense.

Here are the differences for this card:

  • The “O-Pee-Chee” logo on the front replaces the Topps logo in the top right.
  • The position on the front is spelled out in both English and French .
  • On some of the cards (not this one), the card number is different.
  • The copyright on the bottom of the back says O-Pee-Chee and notes the card was printed in Canada.
  • The card is printed on white card stock and tends to be poorly cut as cards from the early 80’s were for OPC.
  • Any wording on the back is in both English and French.
  • It says O-Pee-Chee on the back instead of “Topps”.

The “Rainbow”:

1983 Topps Gary Carter rainbow

Any sets I didn’t get:  None in 1983.

Other cards I would have liked to do:

  • As I mentioned, I would have gone with Yaz if he didn’t already have an entry into this endeavor from 1981.  Chris Speier and Tom Seaver were others I considered.



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