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16 04 2016

Last Monday, to coincide with the start of the baseball season, Topps started a new program called Topps Now.  This is pretty new, but it really intrigued me.  The slogan is

Topps Now slogan

The premise of Topps Now is that every day, Topps creates 1 to 4 cards (most often it’s been 2) of a highlight from yesterday’s games.

It could be from a big hit to win a game.  It looks like walk-offs are almost always going to get a card.  An example is on Monday in the Cubs home opener; Addison Russell hit an 8th inning homer to complete a comeback over my Reds on Tuesday.  He got a card.

2016 Topps Now Addison Russell 4-11-16

Some cards have been based on the record-breaker theme.  Trevor Story has had 3 cards so far; the one below is for when he became the first player to homer in his first 3 MLB games.

2016 Topps Now Trevor Story 4-6-16

The other types of themes they’ve gone with are overall great performances (Jaime Garcia threw a 1-hitter last week), tributes (a card for Jackie Robinson yesterday, and one for the Royals’ opening day celebration of their world championship).  Topps seems to have focused on rookies so far.  In addition to 3 cards for Story, Kenta Maeda, Tyler White, Nomar Mazara, Trevor Brown and Dae-Ho Lee have all gotten cards so far – while Clayton Kershaw, Mike Trout and Carlos Correa have not had a card in Topps Now yet.

The cards cost $10.  You have 24 hours to buy one, and Topps prints cards based on that demand.  After the 24 hours is up, they announce the new day’s cards at the same time as yesterday’s print run.  244 people bought the card for Albert Pujols’ walk-0ff last week (the fewest), while 1,427 people bought Mazara’s first MLB-licensed card (the most so far).

It’s an interesting supply/demand experiment.  I’ve checked the cards every day, to see who Topps picked and what the results were from the previous day.  It’s honestly a lot of fun, though at a $10 price point I think it’s about 2x too high.  I haven’t bought a card yet, but I probably will buy the first Reds player to make the cut.

Another interesting thing about this – what if you went to one of the games?  I went to the Cubs-Reds game on Thursday – if something from that game had made the cut, I would have definitely bought the card.  I love the idea behind these cards.  It’s surprisingly innovative for Topps.  The picture is from the event noted, you can get it right away, and it has the supply-demand element.  If the price was a little lower, I’d probably have bought the card of Tyler White (he’s on my fantasy team) or someone else.  That aside, it’s a very cool concept and I will probably end up buying a few of these – as long as shipping stays free.



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16 04 2016

I tried to buy the Addison Russell card as I am a huge Cubs fan from the UK but shipping was $50 which is way outta my price range.

The idea is brilliant and will be much sought after in years to come.

Keep up the great work love watching your inserts and knowledge on baseball being shared.


16 04 2016

Thanks Mark!

16 04 2016
Paul Browning

Agreed, great idea. Reminds me a little of 97 Upper Deck, where they had dates on the cards corresponding to the game. But $10+shipping is a little too steep. I’ll keep my eyes out for Yankees, but I have my doubts.

16 04 2016

Yeah, definitely alot like 1997 UD, except it’s real time. The shipping is free – so far.

16 04 2016

10 bucks is too much for me. The Dodgers Maeda card would be nice to have, but I’m not spending 10 dollars.

16 04 2016

Agreed. I will probably buy the first red just for the sake of seeing 1 card.

16 04 2016
P-town Tom

I should have jumped on the Addison Russell card. I’d like to get one of these, but I’m not sure who I would be willing to splurge on. Like you, I feel the $10 price is a little too steep, even if that does cover domestic shipping.

19 04 2016
Anthony Nunez

The cards are already showing up on eBay, with many of them costing less that it would have if you bought one from Topps. If someone buys a lot of 20 cards from Topps, they get them for $4 each postpaid.

19 04 2016

Interesting. I didn’t realize that. That’s a hell of a discount. 20 is cheaper than 9?

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