Trade with White Sox Cards

14 04 2016

Last month I finished up a trade with Steve who does the White Sox cards blog.  As someone who lives in Chicago, I look up his blog every now and then to get a card blogger’s opinion on one of the 2 local teams.  The Adam LaRoche retirement a month ago was very interesting, and he had a good take on that.

This was our first time swapping cards.  It wasn’t anything too major – I sent him some White Sox cards, he sent me the following 3 cards.  Of course – they’re White Sox!

Trade - White Sox cards April 2016

Every little bit helps, and I was glad to get the Fisk in particular.  Tomorrow I’m going to start a series of posts on parallel cards, and I need dupes of a few of base cards.  Because I don’t want to pull out the card from the finished Topps set to sit in the binder with the other parallels.  This Fisk was my selection in 1991; More coming on this 2 days from now 🙂

And, getting 2 cards from a flagship Topps set always helps, too.  Thanks for the trade Steve!



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