Completed insert set – 2002 Topps ’52 World Series

26 03 2016

I’m sort of catching up to the timeline of when I finished these sets.  The last few were in May of last year – this one I finished up in June :).  This was a pretty small set, so it’s not surprising that I finished this set up only about a month after opening my 2002 boxes up.

Info about the set:

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Set description:  50 years after a true “Fall Classic”, Topps put together a 7-card insert set in honor of the 1952 Fall Classic.  It’s somewhat reminiscent of the World Series sets from the 1960’s, where Topps would have a subset highlighting what went down in the previous year’s World Series.  This was done in the 1952 Topps design, and it walks through the 7 games where the Yankees, yet again, denied the Brooklyn Dodgers the chance to rule New York and the baseball world.

Set composition:  7 cards, 1:6 hobby odds (2010 Topps series 1)

Hall of Famers:  6.

Pee Wee Reese, Roy Campanella, Jackie Robinson, Duke Snider were all in the game 1 starting lineup and are featured on the first card.  Casey Stengel is on cards #6 and #7, and Yogi Berra is on card #7 (though you can’t see his face).

How I put the set together:

  • 3 cards from my 2 hobby boxes
  • 4 cards from Sportlots

Card that completed my set:  #52WS-3 – Dodgers Celebrate Game 3 Win

2002 Topps 52 WS game 3

I got the last card from Sportlots in June last year.

Thoughts on the set:  Today it seems like Topps had overdone the ’52 design, but in 2002 that probably wasn’t the case.  So I try to keep that in mind.  This is a cool insert for 2002, and it goes well with the 1952 reprints of Dodger and Yankee players from series 1.

The series went 7 games.  The Dodgers won game 1, and then the teams traded wins through game 6.  Joe Black of the Dodgers made his 3rd start in game 7, after splitting with Allie Reynolds in his first two starts.  Reynolds pitched the end of game 6 to preserve a 3-2 lead, so it was Eddie Lopat taking the ball in game 7 for the Bronx Bombers.  Black gave up what would be the game-winning run in the 6th via a Mickey Mantle homer.  Reynolds came back out for his 4th appearance of the series, earning the win after holding the Dodgers scoreless for the last 3 innings.

Best card (my opinion): #52WS-7 – Reynolds Relieves Lopat in Game 7

2002 Topps 52 WS front

In a set like this, you have to go with the game 7 card.

Here’s a scan of the full set.

2002 Topps 52 WS complete

2002 Topps 52 WS game 7

Any other tidbits:  Like I said, this set was reminiscent of the early 60’s World Series subsets, except the timing is off if you think about it.  The ’52 design would need to be for the 1951 series.



2 responses

26 03 2016

I get these cards a lot in random trades. Just the Dodgers ones. I’ve never seen the Yankees ones before.

26 03 2016

Glad I could oblige. Or maybe that’s a bad thing 🙂 considering who won the series.

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