Completed insert set – 1998 Topps Clout Nine

24 03 2016

This is my 4th completed insert set from 1998 Topps.  Though I got so behind on these completed set posts that I actually have 4 more I’ve completed but not posted about yet.  I’m catching up, though!  Clout Nine is a 9-card set that fits nicely into a binder page.

Info about the set:

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Set description:  Inserted into series 2 packs, Clout Nine features a player at each position (DH but not pitcher) who had the highest OPS in baseball for that position in 1997.  The player is featured in the center and there’s a head shot of the other 8 players down the 2 sides.  There is a cloud background.  The back of the card has more clouds, a picture of the player, and a list of the top 10 at each position.

Set composition: 9 cards, 1:72 odds (1998 Topps series 2)

Hall of Famers:  4.  Frank Thomas, Craig Biggio, Mike Piazza, Ken Griffey Jr.

How I put the set together:

  • 1 card from my series 2 hobby box
  • 4 cards from COMC
  • 2 cards from Sportlots
  • 2 card from Beckett’s marketplace

Card that completed my set: #C9 – Larry Walker

1998 Topps Clout 9 Walker

I got this card from COMC all the way back in June of last year.  Walker actually was the MLB leader in OPS in 1997, by 102 points over Piazza.

Thoughts on the set:  This set has kind of grown on me.  At first it seemed like filler, but now I kind of like the cloud background.  The premise is really cool – I’m surprised Topps was so progressive to use OPS back in 1998.  Finally, the fact that it’s 9 cards is underrated.  I wish Topps did things like this more often.  Having a 9-card set that fits perfectly into a binder is really nice.  Much nicer than a 10-card set, which is the most annoying thing you can do.


Best card (my opinion): #C7 – Barry Bonds

1998 Topps Clout 9 Bonds

You may not like Bonds, but I don’t harbor as much ill will as others do toward him.  And I do like this photo the best.  Plus, this was pre-steroids!

My Favorite Reds card:  There are none.

Here’s a scan of the set.  All in 1 page!

1998 Topps Clout 9 complete

Any other tidbits:  Mark McGwire had the highest OPS out of players who didn’t make this set.  His OPS was 1.039, 31 points behind Frank Thomas for the 1st base card.  This was also the last year Thomas played more at first than as the DH.

Todd Stottlemyre would have been the top pitcher if they did a pitchers’ card.  He had an excellent .333 OBP and a .345 Slugging percentage for a .679 OPS.




2 responses

24 03 2016

Man – this set is gaudy and amazing at the same time.

25 03 2016

yeah, that’s a good way to describe it. Chrome would be even higher on the “gaudy” scale.

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