Updating the Elusive Eight for a 3rd time – Sportlots

23 03 2016

Before I go into the card I just picked up, there’s a great article today for you 1990s collectors on Beckett’s website.

That said, it’s appropriate I talk about a 90’s card I just picked up!

1996 Topps Power Boosters Juan Lebron

1996 Topps Power Boosters #17 – Juan Lebron

3 months since I started it, and this is a third card from my “Elusive Eight”.  That’s pretty good.  I think doing it has either a) brought a couple of these cards to some reader’s attention, or b) made me focus a bit more on going out and finding these specific cards myself.

This was a case of the latter, though I don’t think this was a card that was just sitting there for a long time.  I found this card on Sportlots while perusing the site recently.  Unlike my normal purchases on Sportlots, I just got this card and that’s it.  It cost me 99¢ for the card, and another 99¢ for shipping.  Considering how hard these rookie power brokers have been to track down – I’ll take that any day of the week!

LeBron did not make much of an impact on MLB – the highest he ever got with an affiliated organization was Double-A.  He’s probably best remembered for having his picture switched with Carlos Beltran in their 1995 Topps Traded cards.

I am down to 2 cards left in the set, and, somewhat surprisingly, still have 6 inserts left from 1996.  3 of those are on the Elusive Eight – 2 from this set and the “Masters of the Game” card I need.



I’m not going to walk back through the remaining cards on the elusive 8 – because I’ve got another one in and will update when I get the chance to post about that card.



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