Picking up an old habit

20 03 2016

I recently started a healthy eating program.  I hesitate to call it a diet, because “a diet” sounds like a fad, and the premise of any program worth its “weight” should be more permanent.  The biggest thing, I need to quit drinking soda.  I drink way too much soda, mountain dew in particular.  I don’t know how I got on that kick.  I think because I used to be a cross-country runner and could seemingly eat or drink whatever I wanted.

But some habits are perfectly OK.  I recently traded cards with Robert from $30 habit.  He sent over some 2016 Topps cards I needed.  I had a great time going through his wantlist, finding a bunch of Blue Jays to send his way!

Robert sent me a bunch of stuff from series 1 of this year’s Topps release.  This finished off my Pressed into Service insert set, which is awesome.  I love the Paul O’Neill card, the late 80’s Reds uniform is great!  Though I wish they’d have dug up a photo of him actually pitching.  I checked, and there isn’t really one of him, though you could probably get a still from pausing this video.

Trade 30 dollar habit March 2016

He also sent a bunch of Perspectives cards over.  This is really a great set, and I’m now over halfway finished with it.

Trade 30 dollar habit 2016 Perspectives

Thanks again for he trade, Robert!




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