Trading – reader Matt

14 03 2016

I’m killing it with trades in 2016!  By my count, I’ve finished 8 trades this year.  That may be a bit generous – I think 1 or 2 were completed in late December but posted in early January.  But by the blog time, it’s 8.  And either way, that’s 8 trades in the last 3 months, which is a really good rate for me compared to the past 2 or 3 years.  The most recent card swap was with reader Matt; I’ve traded with him before.

I sent over a few more than a dozen 2009 Upper Deck cards – always good to put those dupes to use – and a few 2010 Topps Update cards.  Matt sent over 3 Spring Fever cards.  Since you couldn’t find those in packs, and I don’t really have an LCS – I’m glad to get these.  Every year, I really like this set.  It’s got great color and the backs are pretty cool with the cactus or palm tree effect – depending on if your team is Grapefruit or Cactus League.

trade - reaer Matt Turnage Feb16 2015 Spring Fever

Matt also sent some 2015 Topps inserts I needed, and 1 card from the Back to Back insert set.

trade - reaer Matt Turnage Feb16 Topps inserts

So that’s a wrap on that.  I’m always glad to swap a few cards – any time you can knock off 6 cards off the wantlist, that’s a good thing!

Thanks for the trade, Matt!




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