Completed master set – one last look at 2011 Topps Heritage

11 03 2016

As i mentioned yesterday, I finished up the 2011 Topps Heritage Jackie Robinson set.  That also means I finished up the 2011 Heritage master set.  Out of the products that aren’t part of my Lifetime Topps project, this is easily my favorite.  1962 Topps is just about my favorite design.

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Info about my base set

How I put the set (non-SP / SP) together:

  • 204 (196/8) cards from my hobby box
  • 153 (146/7) cards from trades
  • 39 (36/3) cards from a blaster
  • 38 (36/2) cards from various retail packs
  • 15 (11/4) cards from a card show
  • 38 SP cards from eBay lots
  • 4 SP cards from Sportlots
  • 9 SP cards from Check Out My Cards

Card that completed my set:  #437 – Adrian Gonzalez

Best card (my opinion):  #81 – Jason Varitek

Catcher’s mask? check.  Catcher’s mitt?  check.  Cool background?  check.  One of the last cards of a team captain?  check.

Check out this link to see the rest of the base set post.

My Master” Set Info:

560 cards – 500 “base”, 5 promo, 55 “insert”

How I put the additional sets together:

  • Promo set – 4 from COMC, 1 from Beckett Marketplace
  • Inserts – 7 from my hobby box, 2 from a blaster, 1 from a retail blister, 15 from trades, 15 from Sportlots, 8 from COMC, 4 from eBay, 3 from a card show

Toughest card to track down:  Jackie Robinson Special: #143 – Robinson shines in the fall

2011 Topps Heritage Jackie Robinson Special 143

NSCC promo:  #DC2 – Dee Gordon

2011 Heritage NSCC Promo Dee Gordon

Usually I would only pick 1 in this case, and usually the answer would be the last card I got.  In this case, though, I have to pick 2.  Both of these cards were ridiculously difficult.  They’re difficult sets, but these particular cards, I just couldn’t find.  Which is why it took my nearly 5 years to complete this master set!

Other product info

Best Insert card:  Baseball Flashbacks #BF6 – Whitey Ford

2011 Topps Heritage BB Flashbacks Whitey Ford

I think in most cases, I’m going to be picking a Baseball Flashback card for this in a Heritage product.  I think that insert set is kind of the point of Heritage.  On some level, I wish Topps just did the base set, the flashbacks and any other sets with provenance like the Baseball Bucks they did in 2011.  For me, the best card from the Flashback set is that of Whitey Ford.  I have a soft spot in my baseball card heart for the 1962 Topps card of Whitey Ford.  You see, my dad and I went to a sports show a long time ago, and Whitey Ford was signing autographs.  I got him to sign a somewhat beat up version of his 1962 Topps card.  It’s just about my favorite card in my collection.  So to have him on a card that is based on the 1962 Topps design?  That’s my winner!

Best Parallel card:  Blue Tints #120 – Bronson Arroyo

11HV Arroyo Blue tint

Heritage is best when it has provenance.  Topps paid homage to the “green tint” printing error from 1962 by replicating the green tint variation for cards #110-196.  Additional variations of these same cards with blue and red tints can be found in loose retail packs at Wal-Mart and Target, respectively.  This is my favorite card from those 87 cards, and I kind of like the blue tint the best!

Best Autograph or Relic card:  Heritage Real One #ROA-WM – Sandy Koufax


This is one of a few “monsters” headlining the autograph sets.  Topps got Koufax and Hank Aaron to sign on as spokesmen for the 2011 year, which was a big deal.  Koufax has been a notoriously difficult signer, and getting him back in the fold was great.  Not to mention this is just an awesome card in general.

Best Reds insert card of any type:  Clubhouse Collection Dual #CCDR-RV – Frank Robinson / Joey Votto

11H Robinson Votto CC

If you were a Reds fan and you pulled this card – you’d be pretty happy.  I think the Clubhouse Collection cards from 2011 are the best looking Topps has come up with.



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