Completed master set – 2012 Goodwin Champions

2 03 2016

Another post to pat myself on the back!  As I mentioned  a couple of posts ago, the World Travelers set finished off both the 2011 and 2012 Goodwin master sets for me.  This one was about 3 years in the making, and technically I finished it even earlier because I was waiting on cards from the 2011 portion of the World Traveler set.

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Info about my base set

How I put the set (base / SP / SSP / mini) together:

  • 149 (123/16/6/4) cards from my three hobby boxes
  • 43 (27/10/4/2) cards from Sportlots/Beckett/COMC
  • 26 (0/4/10/12) cards from eBay
  • 13 (0/10/0/3) cards from the National card show

Card that completed my set:  #6 – Carlton Fisk (completed via a November purchase from Beckett marketplace).

2012 Goodwin Champions Carlton Fisk

Best card (my opinion): #184 – Ned Williamson

2012 Goodwin Ned Williamson_0001

Ned Williamson had the single-season home run record before Babe Ruth (27 homers in 1884).  This is his only card after 1889.

Check out this link to see the rest of the base set post.

My Master” Set Info

281 cards – 231 “base”, 25 “insert”, 25 “other”

How I put the additional sets together:

  • Insert:  6 – packs/boxes, 19 – online purchases
  • World Traveler:  3 – packs/boxes, 22 – online purchases

Toughest card to track down:  World Military Machines #MM-5 – DUKW

2012 Goodwin Military DUKW

I have no idea why, but this particular card seemed harder to track down than any of the others.  More so than any of its Military brethren, and more so than the base SP cards or the box topper World Travelers, both of which are much rarer.

Other product bests

Best Insert card in the master set:  World Travelers #WT21 – Amsterdam

2012 Goodwin World Traveler Amsterdam

This was the most interesting of the insert cards that are attainable without going above and beyond (and thus included in my Master Set).  I think it’s a cool photo of the Dutch capital, which I visited about 15 years ago.

Best Insert card:  1888 Original Masterpieces #22 – Harry Beecher

2012 Goodwin Originals Art Yale Beecher

The more attainable inserts didn’t blow me away in 2012, but the coolest thing Upper Deck did in the 2012 product was this set.  These are hand-painted reproductions of the original 1888 Goodwin Champions cards.  There are only 10 of each card made.  If I had more means and fewer other card collecting aspirations, I’d have loved to try to put that full set together.  This is the remake of the first ever football card (I did splurge and buy this card).

Best Parallel card:  Mini Foil Magician Red #102 – Mike Tyson

COMC purchase 2012 Goodwin Tyson silver

The Tyson card is my 2nd favorite of the set, and the Williamson above doesn’t have a mini.  Plus, for this card the mini looks better than the larger card.  The one above is the silver version, though I’d pick the Red Magician if I had to.  It’s a lot rarer, though, and I own the silver version above so I scanned that one.

Best Autograph or Relic card:  Memorabilia #M-JJ – Joe Jackson

2012 Goodwin Shoeless Joe Materials

I actually own this card as well, because I thought it was pretty cool to find a Shoeless Joe memorabilia card.  You obviously couldn’t find it in a licensed product.

Best Reds insert card of any type:  Autographs #BH – Billy Hamilton

2012 Goodwin Billy Hamilton auto

There wasn’t much to choose from here, either this or Pete Rose.  The Rose picture was laughably awful.




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