Updating the Elusive Eight for a 2nd time – trade with Dan from TCDB

27 02 2016

1995 Topps Pre-Production Spectralite Alex Fernandez

1995 Topps Pre-Production Spectralite #PP9 – Alex Fernandez

Doing this Elusive Eight thing was extremely helpful.  I started this at the end of December, where I list 8 cards that have been really tough to track down.  Since then, I’ve found 2 of those cards.  I found the Jackie Robinson 2011 Heritage card that finished off the master set there.  And I just made a trade for one of the 2 Spectralite promos I needed from 1995 Topps.  Alex Fernandez is shown above.

I made the trade with Dan, who posted about the card on the Trading Card Database.  I don’t use that TCDB Adam from Addiction is Therapy tipped me off about Dan’s post.  Dan was great, he sent the card before I was going to be able to send my end of the bargain over.  I sent him a 1968 Topps card I had and a few cards from 2016 Topps once I’d opened my box.

These spectralite versions of the promo cards are really tough to find.  To repeat what they are, in 1995 Topps made a pre-production set of 9 cards.  Those 9 cards came in packs of 10, with an extra “spectralite” version that previewed what the 1995 Topps Cyberstats parallels.  This one was particularly frustrating, because Beckett has the wrong stock photo for the regular promo.  They used the spectralite version.  A lot of eBay sellers use the Beckett stock photo, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve asked a seller about this particular card just to be sure they weren’t really offering the spectralite version.  Eventually, I figured out what was going on and stopper bothering.  Luckily, Dan came along and I’ve knocked another card off the list!  Thanks again for the trade!


Here’s the updated Elusive Eight, just in case anyone has these cards available!  Remember – the pictures are the photos I have of other cards in the set.  Since I don’t have them, I don’t have actual photos yet!

1996 Topps Power Boosters #17 – Juan Lebron

1996 Topps Power Boosters #18 – Tony McKnight

1996 Topps Power Boosters #21 – Jim Scharrer

I’m taking off 2 cards from 2012 Archives Combos set to make room for 3 cards from 1996 Topps that have proven to be very tough.  The Power boosters set paralleled the first 26 cards in the 1996 Topps set with some serious shine added.  It’s actually reminiscent of the background effect Topps added for the 2011 Diamond Anniversary parallels, except these cards are also much thicker than the base cards.  I could have considered them parallels and thus outside of my collecting goals, but they were kind of in the middle between parallels and inserts.  So I decided to collect them.  The first 12 cards, which focused on all-stars from that era, was relatively easy to complete.  But the draft pick cards have proven very difficult to track down.

Out of the 3 cards listed, only Tony McKnight ever made the Big Leagues.

1996 Topps Power Boosters

2012 Topps Archives In Action #82IA-JE – Jacoby Ellsbury

Trade Night Owl June 2012 Archives

1998 Topps Focal Points #11 – Chuck Knoblauch

1998 Topps Focal Point Frank Thomas

2013 Gypsy Queen #218 – Adam Wainwright

2013 Gypsy Queen Gwynn

1996 Topps Masters of the Game #15 – Kirby Puckett

96 Masters of Game

1995 Topps Pre-Production Spectralite #PP5 – Travis Fryman

1995 Topps Pre-Production Spectralite Sandy Alomar

Here are some other cards that would be knocking on the door to make the list. 3 of them have been on the list at some point in the past, but were bumped to make room for the Power Boosters cards.

2001 Topps MVP redemption set – a very expensive set, I have about 10 of the 25 cards

2003 Topps Nolan Ryan Record Breaker – 5 very difficult cards to go

2003 Topps Traded – 5 cards to go

2004 Topps – 5 cards to go

2012 Topps – the Bryce Harper 661 card

2012 Allen & Ginter Giants of the Deep #14 – Bottlenose Whale

2012 Topps Archives Combos – #58-CK – Cabrera/Kaline

2012 Topps Archives Combos – #58-YE – Yaz/Ellsbury




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23 03 2016
Updating the Elusive Eight for a 3rd time – Sportlots | Lifetime Topps project

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