2016 topps retail

15 02 2016

This should wrap up my 2016 Topps posts until series 2 comes around.  I got a few retail packs during a run to Target the other day.  I got 3 different kinds.  The first was this package.

2016 Topps Target Bonus Pack

I’m not sure what I’d call it.  Maybe it’s a hanger, but I’m settling on “Target bonus package”.  It has 4 retail packs of cards, with one of the Amazing Milestones as the bonus.  Amazing Milestones is a Target-only insert set that you can either get from this bonus package or a Target loosey.  But you can’t find the Amazing Milestones in the actual packs inside the bonus package.  The bonus pack costs the same as 4 loose packs, though these packs have an advertisement for Bunt that’s not contained on the loose packs.

Got it?  Clear as mud?

Since you can see who the bonus card is, you can pick the card you want.  I picked Nolan Ryan over A-Rod, Greg Maddux and one or two other guys.  After opening the 4 packs I had 6 inserts I didn’t get in the Jumbo HTA box I bought, counting the Ryan.   And one rainbow foil card, which I’m indifferent to.  But the 6 inserts are good.  I really shouldn’t waste my money on these retail packs after getting a hobby box, but I usually end up buying some of these for series 1 just to see what else is in there.  So it’s good when I get a few inserts to cross off the list.

2016 Topps s1 Target Bonus inserts

I also got one loosey.  That netted me two inserts I needed as well.  One from the Berger’s Best insert set – this one of Cal Ripken next to Gehrig.  I happen to agree with Mr. Berger on his favorite card for this set.  Or the people at Topps who say this is his favorite card from the set.  The Ripken is the best card in the 1992 Topps set.

2016 Topps Berger 92 Ripken

The other card I got was a photo of the Marquee as part of the Wrigley Field 100 years set.  This is from one of the last 4 games of the 1945 World Series.  In 1945, MLB played the first 3 games in Detroit and the last 4 at Wrigley, due to wartime travel modifications that ended after the Fall Classic that year.  Unfortunately, Topps got the coloring wrong here.  The marquee is colored red, but it was originally green, then painted blue in the 1960s.  It wasn’t until later that it was painted red.  In fact, 2 years ago when the Cubs celebrated the park’s 100th year, it was painted green to commemorate how it looked originally (it’s back to red now).

2016 Topps Wrigley 100 Marquee

Last up, I got a jumbo pack.  This has 36 cards, but for me it only netted one card I didn’t already have.  I got 3 inserts that were dupes, and this last card of the MLB Debut of the Brewers’ most famous cheater.

2016 Topps MLB Debut Braun

As I said, that’s a wrap for Topps series 1.  Tomorrow I’m going to start on something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time on this blog – catch up with completed insert posts.




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