I can’t remember the Astrodome…

13 02 2016

…because I never went to a game there.

I have been to Minute Maid Park, however.  And I can trade cards with Marc from the blog, Remember the Astrodome.  Marc collects anything and everything Astros, so he had a much better baseball year than me!  I sent him a bunch of Houston cards that I pulled from my various stockpiles.

He sent over a bunch of Topps inserts.  Most significant were 10 of the First Home Run inserts.  He sent a few from each series – here are 3 of the series 2 cards.  This is a nice set, and the 3 cards below are awesome.  But Topps really blew it on the numbering.  All 3 series are numbered starting from 1.  So if you pick up an individual card, you can’t tell which series you have.

Trade - Remember the Astrodome First HR

He also sent me 3 cards from the Jackie Robinson Story set.  I only had one of those to date – since those are retail only, I didn’t get too much of a chance at that set.

Trade - Astrodome Robinson Story

Here’s a sample of a few other inserts from 2015.  Interesting to get a bit closer on this set as I get ready to start a new wantlist for 2016.  Hot Streak is another retail-only insert set that I just don’t have a lot of – and thus am happy to get in a trade.

Trade - Astrodome 2015 sets

Here’s 2 more that I haven’t seen in a while.  I haven’t made too much of a dent into these History cards since series 1.  Since they were only included in the first series, I just haven’t seen them except through trades.

Trade - Astrodome more 2015 sets

Finally, Marc sent me some Vintage cards.  All the way back to 2014!

Trade - Astrodome 2014 Future is Now

Thanks again for the trade Marc!




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