2016 Topps series 1 HTA jumbo – parallels

10 02 2016

It’s time to talk about what I got in my box in addition to the base cards.  That means starting with the parallels.  Now, before I get to what I pulled from the box, here’s a list of what you can find out there.  My favorite card is the Jose Bautista bat flip, and I’d love to get a rainbow of that card at some point.  But the parallels have been going for a ridiculous price on eBay, so if I want to go for a rainbow in 2016, I may need to settle for Buster Posey’s pretty awesome card. 

Speaking of Posey, one thing he has that the Bautista card doesn’t have is a photo variation.  It’s a sweet card, with the Coca Cola light at AT&T Park in the background.  This home run came against the Dodgers on May 20th of last year.

2016 Topps SSP Variation Posey

But that’s not even the coolest variation card.  Most of the variations are “SP” and feature a camo uniform.  The Posey above is an SSP, as is the card of Jake Arrieta, right before he struck out Chase Utley to finish of his no-hitter and start his Cy Young push.

2016 Topps SSP Variation Arrieta

Like I said, I didn’t get any of those variations – SP or SSP.  I did get a couple buyback cards.  This year Topps made the stamps on these cards have different rarity levels.  I got a black buyback of this guy.  Who has a cool last name but I’d never heard of.  Black is the most common.

2016 Topps buyback black 78 Thormodsgard

And then a red buyback of journeyman pitcher Orlando Pena.  Red is considered “limited”, which means it’s only a little less common than the card above.

2016 Topps buyback red 74 O Pena

Blue is rare, silver is scarce and Gold is 1/1.  I only got the 2 cards above.  I don’t mind the tiered structure.  The cynic in me says Topps is trying to create artificial rarity, and cynic me is probably right to a certain extent.  But the pragmatist (optimist?) in me thinks that nobody will want to pay more for a 2013 Buster Posey card just because it has a 1/1 stamp on it.  And when I think about it that way – it’s actually kind of good to generally know how much of an individual card Topps bought back.

Here’s the real parallels.

1) Rainbow Foil

You get a “rainbow foil” card in every other jumbo pack, so I got 5.  These are back for the 2nd year, and actually look pretty good on this design.  The only thing about these cards – I’m not convince they’re all that different from Topps Chrome.  I know they are a little different, but it seems a bit to similar to me.  I got that Posey card, so if I go for that rainbow I guess I’d have taken the first step.

2016 Topps rainbow foil s1

2) Topps Gold (#/2016)

Topps Gold has been here in different forms since 1992.  These cards have a honeycomb effect where the white clouds are on the regular cards.  They actually stick out in the pack more than I expected.

2016 Topps Gold s1

I got 4 cards in the box, which is about right with 1:3 odds.  The last one I pulled was the Bautista below, so I could sell it on eBay for mad dollars, or take a first step toward a rainbow of that card – and spending mad bucks to go after that rainbow.

2016 Topps Gold Bautista

3) Negative

The negative is new this year.  It doesn’t really replace any other parallel from last year, so I guess there’s going to be one extra parallel in comparison to last year.  I love these cards though.  They fit well with the design – I don’t know if you could pull this off with a border.  And while it does look a lot like the effect on printing plate cards, I just really like the idea here.  I got 1 card, the infamous “Asdrubal”.  The odds were 1:22 for this in the HTA jumbo packs.

2016 Topps Negative Asdrubal Cabrera

4) Vintage (#/99)

This card replaces the snow camo parallels form last year, as far as being a parallel numbered out of 99.  I didn’t get anything rarer than the Asdrubal card above, so I’ll just go with scans of the Bautista card that I find on eBay from here on out.  These cards have the old Topps logo and brown cardboard stock.  These are pretty rare in jumbos – 1:54.

2016 Topps Vintage Stock Bautista

5) Black (#/65)

Topps has had Black parallels for as long as I’ve been back in the collecting world, though they started in 2003.    The honeycomb effect is the same as Topps Gold, except, it’s gold.  These look really nice with this design.  Odds were 1:17, so I was disappointed that I didn’t get a black card.

2016 Topps Black Bautista

6) Pink (#/50)

Back for a fourth year.  I think the world could do without these.  These have 1:107 odds in the jumbo packs, which is really high.  You’d think it would be close to the odds of the Black cards, since the pink set has all 351 cards and 80% of the production run.


2016 Topps Pink Bautista

7) Silver Framed (#/16)

This was back for a 2nd year after their debut in 2015.  These are super thick metal cards with a sticker of the card on it, with the effect making it look like a frame.  Topps decreased the numbering on these from 20 to 16 this year.

2016 Topps Silver Framed Bautista


8) Clear (#/10)

Also known as acetate.  These are really cool cards.

2016 Topps Clear Bautista

9) Platinum (#/1)

2016 Topps Platinum Semien

10) Printing Plates (#/1)

Retail Exclusives

11) Toys-R-Us Purple

2016 Topps Purple Bautista





3 responses

10 02 2016
P-town Tom

I hadn’t seen the Posey SSP before. What a beautiful shot!

10 02 2016

Yeh. It’d cost a pretty penny though!

11 02 2016

Those negatives do look pretty cool. I didn’t get one in my box, but I did get a camo uniform SP (Joe Mauer).

My buybacks were a first for me in two ways – they were both from after 1978 (all my previous ones had been that year or earlier) and they were both of players I’d actually heard of! I got an ’81 Jerry Remy (black stamp) and an ’85 Reggie Jackson (blue stamp).

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