My Best Binder Page #3 – 2012 Goodwin Champions Masterpieces Harry Beecher

29 01 2016

2012 Goodwin Originals Art Yale Beecher

I’m enamored with the 1888 Goodwin set, and I really love the Goodwin Champions Masterpieces set that Upper Deck did in 2012.  They hired an artist to do hand-painted renditions of the 50 original Goodwin cards on standard 2½ x 3½-inch cardstock.  Each card has 10 versions, and the cheapest ones will cost you over $100.  I didn’t pull one in the 3 boxes I bought, but I made it a point to collect a few.  I own all the boxers from the set and the Buffalo Bill card.  But what I really wanted was the lone football player in the set.  The 1888 Goodwin card of Beecher was considered the first football card.  I’ve got more detail on it here, but a summary is below if you don’t have time to click too many places:

The 1888 Goodwin Champions set contained the first ever card of a football player.  Professional football was still some time away, so that card was of Yale captain Harry Beecher.  Beecher was the great-nephew of Harriet Beecher Stowe – the author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin.  There’s a good write-up on the Yale captain at this link.  Beecher still holds the Yale record for the most career touchdowns (66); he once scored 11 TDs in one game.

I was looking for this card for well over a year.  A few months after Goodwin 2012 came out, it popped up on eBay and sold for over $300 both times.  That was too rich for me, though the trouble I had finding a 2nd card for sale meant I would think about paying that much if it came up again.  I got if for about $150 a year later, around Thanksgiving 2013.  It’s not as nostalgic as some of the other cards I’ve posed about, but it’s easily one of the 2 or 3 favorite cards that I own.

2012 Goodwin Originals Art Yale Beecher_0001




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