My Best Binder Page #5 – 1999 Upper Deck A Piece of History 500 Home Runs Mickey Mantle

26 01 2016

1999 UD APH Mantle

On to the 5th card in my “best binder page”.  Junior Junkie came up with a great idea – out of all the cards in your collection, what are your top 9?  What’s your best binder page?

I’ve been collecting the Upper Deck Piece of History cards since before I started this blog.  I’m collecting this set (500 Home Run club) and the 3,000 Hit club as well.  Like my Jalen Rose collection, it’s is a set that doesn’t get much airplay here.  It’s just not the premise of this blog.  In fact, I don’t know if I’ve ever scanned one of these cards onto the blog until now.  It is a set I have been ever so slowly completing, though I don’t think if I’ve added a card in the last year or two.  That’s mostly because I’m getting closer to finishing both sets, and these cards are hard to come by.

In 1999, Upper Deck created these incredibly popular Piece of History cards of members of the 500 Home Run club.  They inserted them across Upper deck products that year, with some leaking over into 2000.  They also started a similar set for 3,000 hit club members in 2000.  This particular card was inserted into Upper Deck Ovation in 1999.

All of the cards had a production run out of 350, though they aren’t numbered.  The lone exception is the Babe Ruth, which only had 50 made and would cost about a grand to purchase.  I don’t have the Babe Ruth, so this card is the most impressive one that I own from the set.  I think I’ve actually had it for 6 or 7 years, and if I remember right I bought it for about $300.  It’s definitely a worthy representative in my top 9!




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