My Best Binder Page #7 – 1888 Goodwin Champions Charley Mitchell

24 01 2016

1888 Goodwin Mitchell - 2015 NSCC

Next up is the 7th card in my “best binder page”.  This one finishes up the bottom row.  If you’ll remember, Junior Junkie came up with a great idea – out of all the cards in your collection, what are your top 9?  What’s your best binder page?

So far, I’ve had a 1993 SP insert and a 2001 Topps autograph.  Two fairly new cards.  Both are glossy.  One is die-cut.  The other has an autograph.  This card has neither.  It’s from 1888.  It’s boxer Charley Mitchell was an Englishmen who probably had the closest argument with John Sullivan as the greatest bare knuckle fighter.  The back is about half in tact.

1888 Goodwin Mitchell back - 2015 NSCC

But it’s the oldest card in my collection.  And I have the Upper Deck 2012 painted version from 2012 version, which is outright cool.




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