My Best Binder Page #8 – 2001 Topps Golden Anniversary Autographs Nolan Ryan

23 01 2016

2001 Topps s2 Nolan Ryan auto

Moving on to the 8th card in my “best binder page”.  If you’ll remember, Junior Junkie came up with a great idea – out of all the cards in your collection, what are your top 9?  What’s your best binder page?

Yesterday, I talked about the Tim Salmon insert card from 1993 SP and the nostalgia I can draw up by seeing that card.  This was another excellent pull – in fact, it was much rarer than the Salmon card.  I got this card in one of my 2001 Topps boxes, and it was a pleasant surprise since 80% of the box was damaged.  And while a 35-year-old can’t replicate the excitement of a 13-year-old kid, I was pretty damn excited about this card.  Plus, it was Nolan Ryan, who is kind of like my generation’s Mickey Mantle.  So that makes it approach the nostalgia.  I love that this card was a pull along the way while I’m doing this Lifetime Topps Project – sort of collateral addition to my collection.  And it’s an autograph of Nolan Ryan for Pete’s sake!



2 responses

23 01 2016
Marc S. White

I opened box after box of Jumbos looking for these and the King of Kings cards, but came up empty. Nevertheless, 2001 Topps will always be one of my favorite sets mostly because of the TTY Reprints and Golden Anniversary inserts. Plus, I’ll always have the memories of that King of Kings chase. Thanks for sharing this amazing beautiful card.

23 01 2016

Thanks Marc! Those King of kings cards are pretty nice as well

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