My 2nd Best Binder Page

19 01 2016

In November, the Junior Junkie came up with a great idea.

What’s your best binder page?

2nd best binder page

Well, this isn’t it for me.  But I digress.

The idea is – what are your favorite 9 cards in your collection?  List them, talk about why they made the cut, and then throw them in a binder page all together to show them off.  I’ve been wanting to do this ever since I read the idea, but I had to wait until after Christmas to do this.  My favorite card that I own was back at my parents’ house.  And then, when I got there, we had no idea where it was!  Well, I eventually found it, but that story is for a later post.  I’m going to do this one card at a time, because who doesn’t like to draw things out? 🙂

Once I had the card in question, I sat down over the New Year’s weekend and went through my collection.  I pulled any cards that I thought could make the cut.  I was very selective, but still came up with a total of 18 cards.  That’s too many!  Then I narrowed it down to 9 cards, which meant I had to cut 9 of them.  Then I realized, I basically had 2 binder pages, so I might as well put these cards in their own binder page.  Here are those cards, somewhat in the order of how close I was to including them.

2006 Upper Deck Artifacts Auto-facts Signatures – Ken Griffey Jr.

2006 Autofacts Griffey Jr

2012 Gypsy Queen Autographs – Ken Griffey Jr.

Griffey Jr Gypsy

Any Griffey autograph is really cool, but I have a different Griffey autograph that did make the top 9, and that made it hard to include these guys.  I paid for the Gypsy Queen card, and I got the Autofacts in a box break.  The one that did make the cut was one I pulled from a pack when I was 16, so it won out from the standpoint that it meant a lot personally to me.

2012 Topps Heritage Real One Autographs Red – Juan Marichal

2012 Heritage Marichal Auto

Unlike the 2 cards above, this was a card I pulled from a pack.  In fact, it was a card I pulled from a retail pack, which is really beating the odds.  While this was one of my best pulls – maybe the best from an odds standpoint – Marichal isn’t a favorite payer or anything.  So this card didn’t make the cut.

2008 Upper Deck Heroes Jersey Navy Blue – Yogi Berra, Reggie Jackson, Joe DiMaggio, Derek Jeter

2008 UD Heroes memorabilia Berra Reggie DiMaggio Jeter

2008 Upper Deck Heroes Autographs Purple – Derek Jeter

2008 UD Heroes auto Jeter

Way before I started doing this blog, I kind of got back into baseball cards by buying a box of 2008 Upper Deck Heroes.  It’s easily the best box I’ve ever purchased.  These were probably the best 2 cards in the box, but I got a Jeter memorabilia card and a few other really rare pulls.  I was shocked they could put together a card with a piece of jersey from Derek Jeter and Joe DiMaggio.  Add in Yogi and Reggie?  Wow!  And that wasn’t even the best card.  The Jeter #’d out of 5 is probably the most expensive card I own.  And it didn’t make the cut.

2012 Topps Golden Greats Autographs – Hank Aaron

2012 Topps Aaron Auto

These last 4 cards could all have made the cut.  They were particularly tough to exclude from the top 9, and all 4 had an argument.  This was a card that I pulled from 2012 Topps series 1, and aside from the Jeter autograph, it’s probably the rarest autograph card I own.  Honestly, the main reason it didn’t make the cut was how the signature fits on the sticker.  It always kind of bugged me.  Not a lot, but enough to keep it off the first page.

1994-95 SP Die-Cut – Jalen Rose

1994-95 SP Die-Cut Jalen Rose RC

1999-00 SP Premium Autographics Blue – Jalen Rose

1999-00 Skybox Autographics Blue Jalen

I collect Jalen Rose cards, and would pretty much consider myself a super-collector.  I almost never post about them because it’s not the premise of this blog.  These are 2 of my favorite Jalen Rose cards.  The first is the die-cut version of my favorite rookie card of his.  The second is basically his first autographs inserted into a mainstream product.  This one is the rarer version numbered to 50.

1994 Topps Golden Spikes Promo – Darren Dreifort

1994 Topps Golden Spikes Dreifort

This was the toughest one to exclude.  This is one of 4 promotional cards that Topps made for the 1991-1994 Golden Spikes award dinner.  Dreifort was the last one I found.  These were cards that I didn’t think I’d ever have in my collection, which is why I almost put this in the top 9.  It will have to settle for 10th.  Another reason this card was so tough – I don’t have any cards from this Lifetime Topps Project.  That’s not that surprising – it’s more about collecting a bunch of sets than individual cards.



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