Updating the Elusive Eight

18 01 2016

I didn’t expect to be updating this so quickly, but maybe it’s karma!  As soon as I created the “Elusive Eight”, one of the cards that I just couldn’t seem to find showed up on eBay for $12 shipped.

2011 Topps Heritage Jackie Robinson Special 143

This is one of the Jackie Robinson variations from 2011 Heritage.  These were very tough pulls, and I’ve had a helluva time finding this particular card.  This is huge, because it completes my master set for 2011 Heritage.  Look for a bunch of “completed” posts when I find the time!

So this means I have to add a card to the Elusive Eight!  As a reminder, these cards are listed on the side of the blog, just below the picture of Rickey Henderson’s 1980 Topps card.  Also as a reminder – since I don’t own these cards, I don’t have scans :).  So I either didn’t scan anything, or attached a scan of another card from that set.  Also, I decided to bump the lowest card on the totem pole for the time being – which was the 2012 Ginter Giants of the Deep.  I’m 2 cards away from the Combos set that was a retail-only insert in 2012 Topps Archives.  So here’s my updated list of 8:

2012 Topps Archives Combos – #58-CK – Cabrera/Kaline

2012 Topps Archives Combos – #58-YE – Yaz/Ellsbury

2012 Archives Combos Bench Votto

2012 Topps Archives In Action #82IA-JE – Jacoby Ellsbury

Trade Night Owl June 2012 Archives

1998 Topps Focal Points #11 – Chuck Knoblauch

1998 Topps Focal Point Frank Thomas

2013 Gypsy Queen #218 – Adam Wainwright

2013 Gypsy Queen Gwynn

1996 Topps Masters of the Game #15 – Kirby Puckett

96 Masters of Game

1995 Topps Pre-Production Spectralite #PP5 – Travis Fryman

1995 Topps Pre-Production Spectralite #PP9 – Alex Fernandez

1995 Topps Pre-Production Spectralite Sandy Alomar

Here are some other cards that would be knocking on the door to make the list:

2012 Allen & Ginter Giants of the Deep #14 – Bottlenose Whale (was on the list, but it just got bumped)

1996 Topps Power Boosters – 3 cards to go

1995 Topps Traded – 5 cards to go

2003 Topps Nolan Ryan Record Breaker – 5 very difficult cards to go

2001 Topps MVP redemption set – a very expensive set, I have about 10 of the 25 cards




One response

20 01 2016

I have your 1995 Topps Pre-Production Spectralite #PP9 – Alex Fernandez. I love to trade. I have a feeling I have a number of other cards on your wantlist. I have a for sale/trade list here at the Trading Card Database:


Please take a look at my wantlist there and let me know if you want to trade for it. I’m looking for 1975 Topps to complete, a couple of 76 Topps, 2 Nolan Ryan from 1977 and 1 card from 1978. I’m doing the same thing – a Topps set for every year I’ve been alive which for me takes me back to 1975. I have not yet started on the Traded and Update sets.

My first love however, is my Detroit Tigers and I’m looking for all Topps (base) cards from 1952-present. I have everything from 1970 forward, including the updates and traded cards.

I’m also looking for some Detroit Lions cards that i don’t have. So my priorities are Tigers I need, 75, 76, 77 or 78 Topps I need and then Lions cards.

Please let me know!

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