Collecting cardboard from Cardboard Collections

13 01 2016

I don’t know if what Topps uses to make baseball cards is technically cardboard anymore, but we’ll go with it.  I finished up a trade at the end of 2015 with Colbey from Cardboard Collections.  He had a number of sets on his wantlist that I could accommodate, and he had some newer Topps inserts.  Together, that makes a great deal!

I’ll go opposite of what I usually do and start with my favorites.  These Red & Blue backs from 2010 are tough to find.  This is one of, if not the, first time I’ve received a couple in a trade, so I’m ecstatic when I do.

Trade Cardboard Collections 2010 Red Blue Backs

Those were Wal-Mart / Target retail exclusives.  So is this set – but it’s from 2011.  It’s called “Blue Diamond”.  Wal-Mart always gets the blue, Target gets the red!

Trade Cardboard Collections 2011 Blue Diamond Hanley

Those cards seem ancient, and while this card is getting newer, it’s basically 2 years old now.  And I’m still a few cards short of this Rookie Cup set, so I’m glad to get a Big Red Machine member.

Trade Cardboard Collections 2014 Rookie Cup Team Joe Morgan

The rest of the cards are from 2015.  Which are the current Topps set for another few hours or so!  Surprisingly, I really haven’t seen too much of this next set in trades, so I’m glad to put a further dent into the History inserts.

Trade Cardboard Collections 2015 History Clinton Ted Williams

And I haven’t seen too many of these Babe Ruth story cards – though I now have received 2 in trades!

Trade Cardboard Collections 2015 Babe Ruth Story

I’m sneaking up on this Archetype set – only 5 cards to go!  When I do the completed insert set post, Rickey Henderson (who I already have) is going to be my favorite card.

Trade Cardboard Collections 2015 Archetypes

I haven’t seen too many of these, but Colbey sent me 5 of them and I’m now down to just 4 cards to finish this Free Agent set off.  They call it Free Agent 40 – but it’s only 15 cards.  The 40 is for the number of years Free Agency has been around.  But you’d think the set would be 40 cards as well…

Trade Cardboard Collections 2015 Free Agent 40

Wait a minute!  I definitely shouldn’t complain about inserts being too small.  In almost everything Topps does these days – I think fewer would be better.  The next few inserts have a lot more cards, I’ve seen them a lot more this year.  However – I’m still miles away from finishing the sets!  The Highlight of the Year is my least favorite flagship insert in 2015 – and it’s not that bad which shows Topps did a decent job this year.  First Home Run is one of the better ones.  I like how Topps used pictures from the player’s actual first year – as you can tell from the Davis and Rizzo cards!  Now if they could just learn to number them sequentially instead of starting over at 1 each series…

Trade Cardboard Collections 2015 First Home Run

Trade Cardboard Collections 2015 Highlight of the Year

That’s a wrap for this post.  Thanks for the trade, Colbey!




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