A third trade with reader Kary

12 01 2016

After not trading for a few years, blog reader Kary reached out to me to see if we could trade cards again.  I’m always happy to make some trades – sending out duplicates helps keep the space my cards are taking up down a bit.  And getting cards I need is an even better thing!

This was my 3rd trade with Kary overall.  I sent him some cards from 2012 and 2013 Topps, and as any Minnesota Twins inserts I could find.  He sent me a bunch of cards from the main Topps project.  This was awesome!  I hadn’t received any base cards via trade in quite a while, and I don’t really buy them all that often.  So getting over 100 cards knocked off my wantlist is a great thing!

Kary did send a few inserts from 2001 – which are also very helpful!  That Mule Suttles officially completes the “What Could Have Been” insert set.

Trade reader Kary Dec 2015 - Topps inserts

The rest of the cards were base cards.  First, Kary sent the 3 cards I needed for 1990 Topps.  I finished this set a long time (over 3 years) ago, but I had to “borrow” 3 cards from my set at the All-Star game last July to get autographs of these former Reds.

Trade reader Kary Dec 2015 - 1990 Topps

Moving to a decade later – Kary sent me 3 cards from 2000 Topps (I forgot to scan one of the cards).  Only 2 cards left to finish this set!

Trade reader Kary Dec 2015 - 2000 Topps

Now moving just 1 year forward – Kary sent me 29 cards from my 2001 Topps list.  Here’s a selection of those cards.

Trade reader Kary Dec 2015 - 2001 Topps

Trade reader Kary Dec 2015 - 2001 Topps subsets

Next, let’s again move forward just one year.  On to 2002.  Kary sent me even more for this set – about 60 cards toward my wantlist!

Trade reader Kary Dec 2015 - 2002 Topps

Trade reader Kary Dec 2015 - 2002 Topps_0001

No 2003 cards, so we’ll jump forward 2 years.  Last but not least, Kary sent me one card from 2004 Topps.  I’m down to 6 cards for that set.

Trade reader Kary Dec 2015 - 2004 Topps Baez

All told, that’s about 100 cards that I needed.  That’s a lot, and I certainly appreciate the trade, Kary!




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30 06 2016
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