State of the Blog – 2016

1 01 2016

Happy New 2016 to everyone!  On New Year’s Day I usually take a look back at my collecting and blogging from the previous year.  It’s an annual tradition, much like other bloggers I know.  I’m going to do this over a few posts, because I like unnecessarily drawing things out 🙂  Actually, it just makes it more helpful for me to gather my thoughts.  The first post is about what I did on the blog.  I always find it fun to see what I did from a blogging perspective – i.e., things like the stats!

2015 in the Lifetime Topps Blog

My blog obviously follows my collections a bit, so what I wrote about in yesterday’s post is similar from a content perspective.

Stats – Ultimately, this stuff is in the category of completely useless but very interesting to me.  I’m an accountant, so I love me some numbers.  I’ve always loved statistics, which is probably a big reason why I collect baseball cards.

I posted 237 times in 2015.  That’s a pretty decent number, and more than the 205 posts from 2014.  It’s also a far cry from my peak of 333 posts in 2012.  I’ll probably never post that much again, but you never know.  I think of myself as an every other day blogger, with maybe a few more posts sprinkled in here or there.  The stats seem to back that.

All told, through yesterday I had posted 1,447 times.  I started blogging in March 2010, so I’ve been at it over 5 years!

You can also find some other stats on WordPress.  I don’t worry too much about readership – though I do hope my blog helps me generate trades.  And I like being part of the larger baseball card blogging community.  I don’t read as many blogs as I used to, but still try to catch up here and there.

Here’s some things I noticed:

My overall readership has gone down a little, but is pretty comparable to last year.  “Lifetimetopps” had about 55,000 hits in 2015, which is down from 61,000 in 2014.  My peak on this blog was also 2012, which was almost 69,000.  I’m not sure what any of that means, but like I said, I like numbers!  I actually think it’s because I’ve posted less about new products and more about completed sets and the Lifetime Topps project.  Since that was the whole point of this shindig to begin with, that’s OK by me.  Here’s my annual “hits” to date.

  • 2010:  3,502
  • 2011:  32,517
  • 2012:  68,836
  • 2013:  58,094
  • 2014:  61,258
  • 2015:  54,207

My busiest day to date is still by far was on October 18th, 2012.  I had a whopping 981 hits that day, and I don’t think I’ve ever had more than 500 aside from that.  On that day, I think there was a contest of some sort where the trivia question was “what do Elston Howard and Sandy Koufax have in common”.  They were the 1963 MVP’s – and they wore #32.  That was on my 1963 Statistics page that I did from collecting 2012 Topps Heritage.

Aside from the home page, which is what people look at when they’re checking out the most recent post, my highest viewed page in 2015 is this post about Topps Porcelain cards.  My second most read post was a look back at Topps Venezuelan.  Related to the trivia question above, I think it’s kind of cool that my blog has become something of an informative site for some people.  My Topps wantlist is third.

As always, my most common referral by a huge margin is general search engines.  But if you take that away, my most common referral became the blog-father himself, Night Owl, taking over from the Sports Card Blogroll.  Congrats, Greg, your check is in the mail.

Another thing worth noting – I completed 17 trades this year.  That’s a great number.  I don’t know what I did last year, but I’m sure it was less than 10.  I actually traded 4 times with Adam from Addiction as Therapy.

Posting-wise, I actually made really good progress.  I got through 2004 Topps, which is 4 years of cards.  More detail for that for tomorrow’s post.




2 responses

4 01 2016

Keep up the great work! It’s been a pleasure trading with you and following THE project!

4 01 2016

Thanks! Same to you!

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