Completed insert set – 1998 Topps Roberto Clemente Reprints

31 12 2015

I’ve still got a ton of completed set posts to go through, but on New Year’s Eve, this set seems like the most appropriate.  43 years ago today, Roberto Clemente died while on a flight to bring relief aid to victims of a massive earthquake in Nicaragua.

Info about the set:

Set description:  Clemente was the 3rd historic player honored with a reprint set (after Mickey Mantle in ’96 and Willie Mays in ’97).  Clemente was a good choice, as 1998 marked 25 years since his tragic death.  This set had reprints of the full run of his base Topps cards during his career.  Reprints of his 19 regular cards from 1955-1973 were issued across both series.  The 10 odd years come in series 1, while the 9 even years come in series 2.  There is a gold Clemente logo, created just for this set.

Set composition:  19 cards, 1:18 odds (1998 Topps series 1, 2)

Hall of Famers:  1 – just Clemente.  None of his multi-player cards are included.

How I put the set together:

  • 4 cards from my 2 1998 hobby boxes
  • 5 cards from Beckett Marketplace
  • 10 cards from COMC

Card that completed my set:  #18 – 1972 Topps

I bought the last cards I needed from COMC back in May.

Thoughts on the set:  Retro sets are everywhere you look these days, but in 1998 there weren’t that many, and they were almost all reprints.  This wasn’t the first set like this, but it was still a great idea at this point in time.

Best card (my opinion):  #19 – 1973 Topps

The 1972 card is probably my favorite photo, but the 1973 card is great as well.  And there’s something awesome about seeing exactly 3,000 hits on the back of the card.

My Favorite Reds card:  There are none (obviously).

1998 Topps Clemente Reprint complete

1998 Topps Clemente Reprint complete_0001

1998 Topps Clemente 1973 Reprint



4 responses

31 12 2015


How to I find out how to purchase this Clemente set and what is the cost?


Allen Karmelin 561-389-3462

31 12 2015

I’d try ebay. Based on how much it cost me putting it together card by card – I’d think 50 bucks or so if you could find someone selling a set.

2 10 2018
Steve F.

A little late with this comment, but I have supplemented my Clemente, Aaron, Mantle, Mays, Ryan and Namath reprint sets by buying all the “fake reprints” as I call them—Topps Archives and other cards of each of those guys that are in the style of a main Topps set, regardless of whether they actually played that year. For Manyle there were all of those 2006 cards from MM1996-MM2005 that were “reprints” of the retired #7 cards from those years, plus subsequent #7 cards. They look good in binder sheets.

3 10 2018

Good stuff Steve! I love that kind of thing – cards that never were, etc.

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