2015 Card of the Year runner-up

28 12 2015

I’ll warn you in advance, this year both my card of the year and the runner-up are very centric to this blog.  I thought this was actually a very good year as far as baseball cards go.  Topps issued its first set without white borders in what seems like forever, and I thought the design was phenomenal.  They also increased the set size, which was a great move in my opinion.  Stadium Club was back for the 2nd straight year, and was completely awesome again.  Archives, Heritage and Gypsy Queen were about what you’d expect from Topps; they aren’t doing anything ground breaking but are sticking with what works.  Ginter seemed like it was too focused on the 10th anniversary.

So my 2 picks are coming from those first 2 sets.  I think if I picked set of the year, I’d probably go with Topps just because I was ecstatic with the design.  Add a great crop of young players, and it was a great set to collect (though the inserts were a bit blah for me).  And then I’d go with Stadium Club, because the photos are just phenomenal.  And I’d go back and forth trying to decide.

Anyways, the runner-up card is going to come from Stadium Club.  About a year ago, I started doing a series of posts about baseball tunes.  It’s called Tuesday Tunes: Diamond Ditties.  The first one was a pop song by Lorde, called Royals.  Not what you’d think of as far as a baseball song, but I was intrigued by the upstart (at the time) Royals and how they were playing that song at the games.  Then I learned she’d written in when she saw this picture:

National Geograhic Royas - 1976 George Brett

This was an iconic photo of Brett from, of all magazines, the National Geographic.

Fast forward to this year’s Stadium Club set.  What card did they include?  My 2015 runner-up card of the year.

2015 Stadium Club Brett

I posted about this set because I thought the picture and the story behind it were so great, as well as the fact that this pop singer who knew nothing about baseball had been inspired to write a #1 hit song by it.

A few other cards I considered:

  • Topps – Derek Jeter.  It was card #1 of the set, which is his final base Topps card and shows him in the walk-off hit he had in his last game at Yankee Stadium
  • Topps – Kris Bryant.  Archives is the rookie card for Bryant that got more pub because it was unnecessarily short-printed.  But this is one of the nicest cards in the set.  Not only is it Bryant’s Topps rookie card, but you can see the new Wrigley Field video board in the background.  That was a very notable development in baseball.
  • Stadium Club – Ernie Banks.  It shows him getting the Presidential Medal of Freedom back in 2013.  Last year, my card of the year actually had Obama on it, with David Ortiz.
  • Gypsy Queen Throwbacks – Nelson Cruz.  A set devoted entirely to throwback uniforms, and Cruz is shown with a really cool Black Sox jersey.
  • Gypsy Queen Walk-off Winners – Ken Griffey Jr.  Junior’s slide into home in the 1995 ALDS to beat the Yankees in game 5.  The coolest card of a cool set.

Check out my next post for the winner…



2 responses

28 12 2015

Just make sure you don’t pull a Steve Harvey and accidentally name your actual runner-up as the winner!

28 12 2015

Lol. Yeh when Ernst and Young gave me the results I double-checked!

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